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Tropical Fusion BlogHop 2014

Hello and thank you for visiting, whether you came directly hopping over from some pretty patterns from Anna Hokerberg over at http://designannaberger.wordpress.com/ or just stumbled across this page you landed on our blog hop. For those of you that do not know what a blog hop is, its a collaboration of bloggers (and designers in our case) that blog about the same topic and create a loop that you can follow. This blog hop is a group of 40 international designers and spread out over 4 days. You can follow along on our design and thought process  journey and see how the same color and inspiration will result in many completely different designs.

At the bottom of this post is the link to hop to the next designer’s entry, or if you would like to start at the beginning of the blog hop you can click here and visit surface designer Mary Tanana’s blog 

Tropical Fusion Banner  blog hop 2014 Continue reading

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3d printed fashion design victoria's secret 2013

3-d fashion goes mainstream with Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Images of the recorded 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show are already circulating on the internet. To me as a lingerie designer it’s a yearly must see event even if it is just in pictures. This year a white corset worn by the famous snow angels caught my eye and I started investigating. This is a 3d printed corset that has a very unique collaboration between Victoria’s Secret, Bradley Rothenberg, Shapeways factory in NYC and of course the final touches of thousands of Swarovski crystals. You can read an interview on Shapeways website. Continue reading
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fashion illustration, fashion croquis

Fashion Illustration from scratch to digitized library – join me now

  • Tips and tricks for everyone so anyone can create an awesome body template by hand, then digitize it for a beginning of a digital library that can be used and changed for every coming season.
  • I am excited to announce that I have agreed to teach a class with skillshare. We are going live with the content on November 20th, 2013. It is quite a different format than I am used to teaching and I am excited to see what you guys will think?
  • All skillshare classes are project based so you will walk away with a finished project to keep or use in your portfolio. You get to keep the access to the video class on skillshare for a lifetime, you will be able to collaborate with your classmates and receive feedback, inspiration and make new connections right there in your online classroom.
A personal mention here: I became a bit obsessed with signing up for classes and informing my friends with skillshare info, but that is how I received many referral bonuses and was able to enroll into many classes for free. Careful can become addicting. 😉
If you think that you know anyone that might like any of the skillshare classes, or might want to join you in taking the fashion croquis class there should be a link that you can share (once you are registered) that will earn you a referral bonus of $10 for each sign up and $10 for your friend as well (only if they are new to skillshare). Your referral link can be found once you are logged in under settings> referrals> Share your link.
Click here to sign up or scroll down to read more details, view some images and view a silly little video of me explaining what it is all about. Continue reading
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Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries

It’s late at night and I am editing a long overdue session from my live techpacks webinars. The beginning of this session is a great overview to learn what goes into a Fashion Tech packs that factories need that will ship production garments directly to a store with specific requirements. Continue reading

tracing an blurry image in illustrator with the pencil tool

How to trace an image in Illustrator or how to vectorize

after a long night of adobe illustrator for beginner online webinars, i am still inspired to share what we created working into the late night hours. the above image is an example of how adobe illustrator’s live trace or rather image trace function is quite powerful and creates great and very close to original image renderings as vectors. however the problem comes in when the original image is already pixelated and that the tracing results in color will try and imitate the look of the individual pixels and that it becomes a nightmare to handle as vectors. Continue reading

Adobe for fashion design usergroup textile meeting

Adobe for fashion los angeles user group – Free! Meet us in September

So just maybe, you already heard the news that there is a new band in town? It is totally geeky, fun and inspiring all at the same time. It is called: “adobe for fashion los angeles user group”. Click here to connect with us on Facebook and stay informed about all upcoming free events in Los Angeles. Continue reading

mighty pen napoleon ruler

top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers

i am still at adobemax 2013 today, but here is a quick roundup on the top 4 creative tools that i am exited about for the apparel industry in regards to adobe programs and now hardware. please let me know what you think and share with me what you would like to see improved or what is your fav new feature? Continue reading
Vector or jpg seed for digital pattern design class

life long learning at Adobe MAX 2013

as every year I am going to adobe max next week. one of the courses i am really looking forward to is called: ” the power of pattern: how to create & communicate through patterns”. the creators of patternpeople, which is a very inspiring and informative website, are offering this course. they asked us to send them 2 (maybe 3) black and white “seeds”.  they are then going to show us how to make patterns with them.

here is what their email to us said: ” we’re looking for simple doodles – from geometric shapes to squiggly lines” below you can see art that I am considering to use?  which 2  should I submit..?Vector or jpg seed for digital pattern design class

Create-seamless-pattern-with-Illustrator_cs6 Mandalas

creating seamless tiles in illustrator cs6 with polar grid tool and mandalas


from pizza slice to full mandala in minutes. here are some visuals of what was happening during our live session tonight. i just finished teaching the master textile design creativity track and couldn’t stop looking at this mandala and had to share.  Continue reading

zoom in glitter detail on fashion illustration

fashion illustration with watercolor online class


fashion illustration glitter thread crystals

2013 means more hands on creativity outside of the computer. to me anyways.  i have spent the last several years freelancing and teaching and editing.. like a lot… it’s time to bring color back onto this blog.. i am constantly surrounded by it and i am going to share it more

Fashion Croquis in water color

it had been quite a while since i used water color, thanks to katie rogers’ class over at paper fashion i finally picked up my brushes again and doodled my fashion illustration that is based on my inspiration ( pinterest). Continue reading

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