3d printed fashion design victoria's secret 2013

3-d fashion goes mainstream with Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Images of the recorded 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show are already circulating on the internet. To me as a lingerie designer it’s a yearly must see event even if it is just in pictures. This year a white corset worn by the famous snow angels caught my eye and I started investigating. This is a 3d printed corset that has a very unique collaboration between Victoria’s Secret, Bradley Rothenberg, Shapeways factory in NYC and of course the final touches of thousands of Swarovski crystals. You can read an interview on Shapeways website.
This is extremely exciting to see to me, as I have always imaged to be able to design my own laces. In the past that has nearly been impossible as the companies that I worked with didn’t have nearly enough quantities to justify creating their own laces. Just knowing that there is a slight possibility to be able to experiment with 3d printing and lace like lingerie was worth sharing. Does it excite anyone else out there? What do you think are some 3d fashion printing possibilities that you would like to experiment with?
I started a pinterest board for 3d printing and as I stumble across more articles I will add them to this board. Feel free to share if you have any great visuals that I can pin too. http://www.pinterest.com/ludmilaadams/3d-printed-fashion/
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