A Fashion Designer’s summary of Disneyland

So it’s been our daughter’s birthday and we spent a wonderful mini vacation day in Disneyland. I always take tons of inspirational pictures hoping that they will end up in one of my designs, prints or graphics.

But honestly most of the time the disappear into the deepness of my computers documents and might only resurface during a very specific moment of need. In order for this not to happen this time I made a couple of mini collages in Photoshop so-that at least some of you can feel a wind of Inspiration. You can click on the images to see a bigger picture. Let me know what it made you come up with?

The Collages will most likely become some sort of Fashion Tutorials, especially the one called “Animal Kingdom” since I am creating Animal prints and will make them available inside Flat Sketches (like the giraffe post). And then I have a great surprise for my website that has to do with FONTS..can’t wait!

Here are my fashion collage titles of choice:







Okay so the last one is not a collage but a fun story, the guy looked really tough and scary until I saw his Tattoos and I then asked him about them and he was all nice and giggly and proud to have a picture taken of them.
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