FSCHBD (or Fashionchalkboard.com) is a gateway to learn about how to create your own unique foot print inside of the world of graphic, illustration, fashion and textile design as an employee, freelancer or as your own small business. Among some of the things you can learn here are:

  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital textile design
  • Tech-packs
  • Line-sheets
  • How to leverage video for you business
  • Create a strong visual appearance for your brand


Ludy here, a real person who started as an assistant fashion designer, freelancer and worked my way up to creative director overseeing three simultaneously produced lines of lingerie brands. What I am telling you with my background story is not to brag or self- congratulate. No, this is information to show you that I understand and can help you along the way in your career.

Any stop that you are currently on, I have probably been there too!

Here is a link to my Portfolio, if you are curios to see what I have worked on.

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