About Energystas Welcome to the home for Energystas & FashionChalkboard.com. Energystas is a place where you can receive and give energy by practicing self love in many different ways. Created at a time where becoming active in daily ritual creation to create a better self there are many ways that Energystas can be of service to you too. Weaving strands of learned inspirations into idea exchanges, products and more Energystas aims to create sisterhood and uplifting experiences. May you draw happy breaths on your journey.

Ludmila Adams, fashion designer, adobe courses, illustrator , photoshop

Who’s that lady? 

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and video courses,

Ludmila here, a real person who started as an assistant fashion designer, freelancer and worked my way up to creative director overseeing 3 lines of lingerie design being produced. This is not to brag or congratulate myself. No, this is information to show you that I understand and can help you along the way in your career. Any stop that you are currently on, I have probably been there too!

NOTE: Here are some of the companies that I provided training for:

ludmila training

FashionChalkboard.com – the blog – and the training center

Here you can find tips, advice and complete video courses on a variety of computer aided design topics. Specifically created and tested in the fashion and textile design industry. There are also non – fashion based training for the creative individual that wants to learn how to use photoshop and illustrator software to create original artwork.