Alice in Wonderland’s book review and costumes at the FIDM Museum

I often times bring books that inspire me to the classroom and share it with my students. So I thought I might as well talk about it on my Blog and share them with you.

For those of you who have not had a chance to see Disney’s latest Alice in Wonderland Movie created with the incredible creative vision of Tim Burton, I highly recommend to go and see it.

It really was a colorful, wonderful feast for the eyes. From the gardens that Alice wanders in our regular world to the gardens in wonderland filled with magical creatures such as talking flowers, butterfly winged rocking horse and many more. The castles are highly intricate architectures and then of course the stunning costumes. Alice’s costumes are developing and changing as she changes and goes through the process of finding courage as well. Beautiful! But her costumes are not the only one’s that left me feeling inspired.

During my recent mini vacation in Disneyland I stumbled across a book that captures the creative process that was involved in creating this Movie. Through it’s 256 pages, every page has amazing images that show everything from close up on props, costume illustrations, actual close ups of costume details of the main characters as well as other characters. The book reveals how many scenes were shot of which I thought they had to be computer-generated-imagery (CGI), but they were not…entirely. The book is called “Disney Alice in Wonderland a visual companion”. I put a link to the book at an IndieBound website in hopes that you will support them.

I was very happy to find out that the original costumes are going to be on display at the FIDM Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibition is open to the public and runs from May 27, 2010 through September 30, 2010.  The best part is, that the exhibit is Free.
The FIDM museum is located :
919 S. Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90015
For anyone who is not in the Los Angeles area, I do highly recommend this book
Click here to  more Book information
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