Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries

It’s late at night and I am editing a long overdue session from my live techpacks webinars. The beginning of this session is a great overview to learn what goes into a Fashion Tech packs that factories need that will ship production garments directly to a store with specific requirements. Continue reading “Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries”

Using Illustrator and Photoshop to create a product

This week my create your product and sell your product webinar sessions were off to a great start. To get the webinar participants excited about the 4 weeks of intense sessions I show them the many possibilities I do a quick preview of the product creation websites that we are going to learn to work with. Anyone that has Illustrator and Photoshop skills can create and sell a professional looking product.

The greatest thing about these websites is that there is almost never a minimum so you can test it out with one sample.

Create your Product in Illustrator and Photoshop

During the live sessions participants can ask questions and many do, but a lot of times participants opt to simply watch the step by step training videos. My favourite session is the create your own textiles & screen print ready files.  To find out more about the content of the 4 different sessions click here.

How to create a flat sketch in Illustrator – changes in process since CS3 to CS5

Scroll down to see images of some of the tutorial that I will go over.
Join me for a quick free webinar covering what has changed to make our work flow for creating flat sketches as a fashion designer faster since Adobe came out with Illustrator CS5? Continue reading “How to create a flat sketch in Illustrator – changes in process since CS3 to CS5”

Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Textiles in Illustrator

So I have been thinking about offering these free mini sessions every other Friday and I think I am going to just go for it this week.   No more procrastinating!

Attendees will receive the free files after webinar !   100 seats available. Continue reading “Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Textiles in Illustrator”

Sit comfortably

Wandering the classroom, I often cringe at my student’s posture. Their laptop screens are below their eye level and especially during my Saturday class which is 6 hours long, I hear an occasional growl and a see a lot of stretching.

On the job I have had similar experiences myself where the computer’s were setup to fit everyone the same. Sometimes it goes unnoticed for a while, until I find myself feeling sluggish and not very productive. But it does not have to be that way.

I suggest that you can easily adjust your computer screen at home or at work by putting a book, box or any other strong object underneath it so that you can sit comfortably. Ok, you might earn some disapproving looks by your collegues or boss, but hey maybe you inspire them to do the same. They might even thank you ! Below I posted some behind the scene pictures of an office in the garment district in L.A. You can see that I used a box to elevate my screen, the other two pictures are just there to give you a glimpse into a design studio.

Haha: Dear husband says to tell you guys to bring a pillow and a coffee? I guess you can pick and choose which one works for you. On a more serious note: What makes your workday more comfortable? Let us know what gets you through the day?

Appliques cut with the cricut and designed with the pen tool

Being a night owl I often times find myself watching those long late night commercials. And I can’t believe that I found  2 of my favorite things to do right now on TV during those infomercials . One of them being Zumba® but that would make for a whole new blog. And the second one is the Cricut®

In case you do not know what the Cricut® is: It’s a printer like machine (instead of ink it has a blade) that uses cartridges that hold fonts and images that can be cut out of paper for the scrap-booking community and amazingly it also cuts fabric.

When I first saw it, I did a little research online and found a video on youtube showing a lady cutting a cute little cupcake out of fabric and sewing it onto a baby’s onesie. I liked the idea so much and got extremely excited about being able to do this myself. The only thing that was bothering me was the fact that the Cricut® prides itself in being a computer-less product, meaning no need to know any software and no connection to computer required. The Cricut® offers cartridges of which 1-2 are included with the machine and then you have to buy other ones separately. I however envisioned something entirely different. I wanted to draw my own designs inside of Illustrator and then make the Cricut® cut it out of fabric for me.

So I did a little more research and found that Provocraft® (maker of Cricut®) came out with a product that is called Cricut DesignStudio ® software. That sounded really exciting until I found out that this product only allows you to use images from the cartridges. I guess it’s a step up for anyone not interested in using a real design software, as I assume that before this software one was only able to cut images from one cartridge at a time?

Anyways, after I did some more research I found a website that sells a down-loadable software called “SurecutsalotTM“<<< love the name>>> and tested it out.

Well… after deciding which Cricut® to buy (because they come in different sizes) and finding coupons and some Heat N Bond to stiffen the fabric. And  it works! Ha! Here is short tutorial on what I did (see pics above)

First I found my inspiration, which happened to be a towel holder with these cute little elephants. Then I took a picture of them and traced them in Illustrator, then I saved them as a SVG. file. Then opened my elephants (one at a time) in surecutsalot.. hooked my computer per usb up to the cricut and pressed cut.

Voila… i had my first computer generated appliques. Which will be used for a baby blanket for my friend daughter.

There are some important hints and tips for prepping the fabrics and how to apply it to the actual cutting mat of the Cricut® and which blade setting and so on and since that is all information that I forget as soon as I do it, I am glad that there is a huge community of Cricut® users that share their tips online on the Cricut® message board.

Here is the link to the youtube video that inspired me.

Here is the link to the Cricut message board

Here is the link to the “SurecutsalotTM” software

And you can download my little elephants as Ai files right here. They are on separate Layers.

Choosing a web browser that makes your creative life easier

I am regularly surrounded by a great many computers, whether it is during classes at the community college where I teach or during lab sessions at conferences that I go to. I started noticing that there is a difference between which web browsers computer geeks like myself are using and what many Fashion Designers are using.

The most important reasons to use a good web-browser are: * Speed * Customization * Organization * Security

As Fashion Designers are more concerned about what fabric, colors and trims to use rather than what web browser to use, I thought it is a good idea to make them aware of some other choices that are available to them. Many Fashion Designers are using the web browser that comes pre- installed on their laptop or computer, meaning that if they have a MAC they are using Safari to surf the web and PC users use Internet Explorer.

Two more choices to consider are google chrome and my preferred choice which is called Firefox. I started using Firefox about 3 years ago and noticed that the load time for web pages sped up dramatically and it allows me to smoothly hop around  the Internet without stalling. You can install any of the 2 additional options for free right here:

* Firefox

* Chrome

I also like Firefox’s fun feature called persona, which let’s me customize the look of my web browser according to my taste. Currently there are over 35000 personas I am currently using glitzyglitter.

You can install any persona here

In addition to being able to speed up the load time of pages and customizing my browser I  started using Xmarks, which is a plug in to any of the 4 web browsers that allows me to efficiently bookmark sites on my computer and them access these bookmarks from any computer around the world. I can access the bookmarks right inside my web browser and additionally these bookmarks are saved through my free account on Xmarks website and I never have to worry about loosing them. Which unfortunately happened to me once, when an old laptop with many bookmarks died and could not be recovered. Now I create new bookmarks daily, capturing websites that inspire teach and entertain me, without worrying about loosing them.

You can install Xmarks right here.

Buttons and Ribbons inspiration from Paris

While in Paris at the cutest little button shop, I was surprised that I was allowed to tape this little video.

Whenever I feel a lack of inspiration I watch it and ooze over the variety of colors and styles of buttons.

One day, I would like to sit down and draw some of these in Illustrator and use them on a Fashion Design project, but it will have to be a very special project. In the meantime I hope that it’ll inspire some of you.

Romantic buttons & ribbons in paris from ludmila adams on Vimeo.


Open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3 and 4 rue de Choiseul 75002, Paris

Tel: 01 42 96 98 30 Fax 01 42 60 45 57

Metro: Quatre Septembre (near the Opera)

Splatters and antique stains for apparel graphics


  • while it is past midnight, i thought it would be interesting to post about the preparations for tomorrow’s webinar. i have been in absolute zen mode painting and splattering like a little child


  • then i went on a treasure hunt to find anything that resembles antique stains and have been delighted to find these around the house.  and of course they came from one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home, one of our many book cabinets.

in class we are i am planning  to take the splatters into photoshop and make them into vectors to save them as paths and make selections that will roughen up some graphic symbols.  and for the brush strokes… mmhh maybe create some romantic borders after defining them as brushes??

I will try and get the my students to share some of their work and post it here. Continue reading “Splatters and antique stains for apparel graphics”