Video sneak peeks new Photoshop: New interface, rich cursor support, background save for Photoshop – really?

New Photoshop (cs6) user interface (ui) option


Oh… I am so excited that Adobe is starting their sneak peeks. Being a beta tester with Adobe is a huge privilege, but the problem is that you are not allowed to talk about anything to anyone… yes we do have a forum to talk to about things to other pre-release tester, but it’s not the same as talking to you Fashion and Textile design community.


But here is something official that you can view and I won’t get in trouble for. And it is a great new feature that has been requested for a long time. Background SAVE!

How many times did you loose precious minutes of work because you did the right thing and pressed save ctrl/cmd + S? You are supposed to save your work often, right? Yes, but while working on large files you can’t keep working in Photoshop while the program saves. Or can you?! Watch video #2 for that.

Video #1 has some interesting information like new User interface options and what you can do with your cursor right on your artwork… but nothing more significant for our fashion/ textile world.

I like the new UI (user interface option) do you?New Photoshop (cs6) user interface (ui) option

With that being said, obviously this is not all there will be. But I can’t say no more.

Watch the videos below to find out:

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