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2013 means more hands on creativity outside of the computer. to me anyways.  i have spent the last several years freelancing and teaching and editing.. like a lot... it's time to bring color back onto this blog.. i am constantly surrounded by it and i am going to share it more

Fashion Croquis in water color

it had been quite a while since i used water color, thanks to katie rogers' class over at paper fashion i finally picked up my brushes again and doodled my fashion illustration that is based on my inspiration ( pinterest).


Oh... I am so excited that Adobe is starting their sneak peeks. Being a beta tester with Adobe is a huge privilege, but the problem is that you are not allowed to talk about anything to anyone... yes we do have a forum to talk to about things to other pre-release tester, but it's not the same as talking to you Fashion and Textile design community.

  But here is something official that you can view and I won't get in trouble for. And it is a great new feature that has been requested for a long time. Background SAVE!