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Have you seen the beautiful colorful

city of Melbourne's logo options that are floating around Australia? Click here to visit their gallery.

Young, fresh, colorful and a logo that the city's citizen can be mighty proud of. Being the geek that I am I had to ask myself how can I quickly draw and come up with these many options for any letter that I will ever draw for logos and graphics? I'll talk a bit about the process here, but why don't you join me on 11/11/2011 at 12:30pm PST time live online? [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_medium" align="" href="https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/432369056" target="_blank" label="Click to register" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover="" glow="sws_btn_glow"] [/sws_button]

Starting Mondays, 11/7 I'm teaching live online again. Yippieh! Check out the gallery of cool images that we created during out last live sessions.

To find out more about the course or to sign up [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="" href="http://www.fashionchalkboard.com/training/computer-aided-design-photoshop-illustrator" target="_blank" label="Click here" template="sws_btn_cornflower" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover="" glow="sws_btn_glow"] [/sws_button]


After having a week to digest and sort out the "way out" geeky from the need to share information, I decided to talk about the following:

  • 1.Today I am sharing a quick video with news about upcoming mobile apps that we can use to increase our workflow and combining it with our creative "shopping trips".  In the video you'll see some images and tips for the amazing apps that are coming out and that will be compatible with Android and Ipad in 2012.

Update! I closed the blog entries at this time. Thank you for reading.

Fashion designers! What are the most troubling issues that you have had or are having with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop? What would you add inside of either software to fix it? Get an answer from the creators of Illustrator and Photoshop the "Adobe Team"**.

Today any click-able text will take you to FB page: Thank you for FashionChalkboard.com's 500 fans mile stone! Celebrate with me on my facebook page by being inspired, watching the videos and downloading the pdf and ai file to keep and take apart.What will you learn? Learn to use simple tools like the ellipse tool in Illustrator combined with Illustrator CS5 new width tool to create brushes  to create a beautiful pattern print for your fashion flat sketches.