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Seamless pattern in Illustrator tutorial on youtube

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Where are the free friday fashion webinars?

For those of you who have come to my site wondering about the “webinar situation”…

I have had a bit of a health scare this summer and I am going to have surgery in September.

With that said, I have a target of resuming the webinars in late October of 2011.

The easiest way to stay informed about the webinars is to connect with me on twitter and facebook. Continue reading “Where are the free friday fashion webinars?”

How close do you want to get to MCQueen’s Fashion collections?


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Alexander McQueen’s spring 2011 Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Savage Beauty,has come to and end on August 7. 2011. Continue reading “How close do you want to get to MCQueen’s Fashion collections?”

Beginner Illustrator and beginner Photoshop training – non fashion design

Read more about the upcoming beginner intensives with video access (special pricing).
Continue reading “Beginner Illustrator and beginner Photoshop training – non fashion design”

Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar- Flat sketches and fabrics in Photshop

Do your hand sketches look great and you do not want to use the computer to draw them because you are quickly done doing it with traditional pencil and paper?
You can have the best of both the hand sketched fashion flats and using Photoshop for bringing the fabrics inside.
Join me for a quick free webinar covering the 3 different ways that you need to know to put textiles, fabrics into flat sketches inside of Photoshop CS5 Continue reading “Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar- Flat sketches and fabrics in Photshop”

Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries

It’s late at night and I am editing a long overdue session from my live techpacks webinars. The beginning of this session is a great overview to learn what goes into a Fashion Tech packs that factories need that will ship production garments directly to a store with specific requirements. Continue reading “Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries”

Using Illustrator and Photoshop to create a product

This week my create your product and sell your product webinar sessions were off to a great start. To get the webinar participants excited about the 4 weeks of intense sessions I show them the many possibilities I do a quick preview of the product creation websites that we are going to learn to work with. Anyone that has Illustrator and Photoshop skills can create and sell a professional looking product.

The greatest thing about these websites is that there is almost never a minimum so you can test it out with one sample.

Create your Product in Illustrator and Photoshop

During the live sessions participants can ask questions and many do, but a lot of times participants opt to simply watch the step by step training videos. My favourite session is the create your own textiles & screen print ready files.  To find out more about the content of the 4 different sessions click here.

How to create a flat sketch in Illustrator – changes in process since CS3 to CS5

Scroll down to see images of some of the tutorial that I will go over.
Join me for a quick free webinar covering what has changed to make our work flow for creating flat sketches as a fashion designer faster since Adobe came out with Illustrator CS5? Continue reading “How to create a flat sketch in Illustrator – changes in process since CS3 to CS5”

Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Textiles in Illustrator

So I have been thinking about offering these free mini sessions every other Friday and I think I am going to just go for it this week.   No more procrastinating!

Attendees will receive the free files after webinar !   100 seats available. Continue reading “Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Textiles in Illustrator”

Sit comfortably

Wandering the classroom, I often cringe at my student’s posture. Their laptop screens are below their eye level and especially during my Saturday class which is 6 hours long, I hear an occasional growl and a see a lot of stretching.

On the job I have had similar experiences myself where the computer’s were setup to fit everyone the same. Sometimes it goes unnoticed for a while, until I find myself feeling sluggish and not very productive. But it does not have to be that way.

I suggest that you can easily adjust your computer screen at home or at work by putting a book, box or any other strong object underneath it so that you can sit comfortably. Ok, you might earn some disapproving looks by your collegues or boss, but hey maybe you inspire them to do the same. They might even thank you ! Below I posted some behind the scene pictures of an office in the garment district in L.A. You can see that I used a box to elevate my screen, the other two pictures are just there to give you a glimpse into a design studio.

Haha: Dear husband says to tell you guys to bring a pillow and a coffee? I guess you can pick and choose which one works for you. On a more serious note: What makes your workday more comfortable? Let us know what gets you through the day?