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While in a thrift store, the pattern of the cover and the longer shape of the book pulled me in. Once I read a bit, I did not want to leave it behind and since then I’ve liked this book so much, that I gave it as a gift to my sister and two very good friends that were not really taking care of themselves. This past holiday season it has helped me keep my sanity and not feel guilty about simplifying the festivities and on more than 2 occasions I have come across some friends that when I saw how stressed they were, I thought they needed this book. But since I am practicing not being “too lecturing” these thoughts remained in my head. This book makes my daily life a little more calm and centers my thinking and doing a lot more in the finer details of life. This little Gem of a book that I am now re- reading is called Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy (affiliate link).
Gratitude attitude artwork

The book is offering 365 daily recommendations of what to be mindful about, the month of January has a big focus on gratitude and inspired me to create this poster that helps me acknowledge in writing my daily (weekly) list of thanks. I placed the poster inside of a frame and can now write on the glass with an erasable marker and reuse it every week. This is a poster that is available for printable download via my Etsy store.

The book offers a monthly list of “Joyful Simplicities” that are in a timely manner with the season and suggest an interesting variety of self care,from finding a new hobby at an art store to tackle a junk drawer, rent a movie from 1930 -40 to how to celebrate many american traditions. This last part is especially valuable to me, since I did not grow up in the USA and it allows my a glimpse into a family’s traditions. Since this book was first published in 1995, some parts of this book are a little bit outdated, and the recommendations are old fashioned and feel maybe a bit boring. But since I have made up my mind to go on this journey with Sarah Ban Breathnach I now look at some of the tips as if I found a time machine and get to glimpse back in time a bit.

Simple Abundace: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

Are you keeping a gratitude journal, if yes when did you begin, what prompted you to start and what has it done for you?

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