Book & Art – Relearning to trust myself this year – Women who run with wolves

Today I am attempting my first book recommendation and talk about how the books that I read usually inspire art. The book that I started to read last year (2015) is called Women Who Run with the Wolves (affiliate link). I came across this book during an online discussion with fellow female artist while sharing about difficult times that we went through and what books or movies have brought us strength, hope and courage. I specifically asked for recommendations in the women as their own rescuer category. 52 weeks fashion flat sketching The book itself has a very unique voice that spoke to me as if I had an older friend, or grandmother relate old mystical truths to me. While reading the beginning chapters I felt multiple shivers running through my body. Awareness growing as the pages kept turning which made me determined to trust myself more. The first artwork that came out of this book is the water color painting. It is called “Wisdom necklace – I trust myself”. women who run with the wolves Additionally, since we are still in the beginning of this year I felt that I wanted to create a collage that would prep me for the kind of new years resolutions that I would make. It was amazing that the collage reflected this book on so many levels. Here is a little animation on the collage process: The new year is still so fresh and the collage inspired me to trust my intuition to create the artwork called 365 days of… it is just a little reminder how much time we will have and what to enjoy in each moment throughout this year. 365 days of poster Both of my posters have been sketched, painted and hand-lettered outside of the computer and then finished via Photoshop and Illustrator. I just started my Etsy store to have another outlet for my creativity and that process has highly been inspired by trusting myself and the wild women inside of me. I trust myself art watercolor wisdom necklace  

Have any of you read this book before? And if so what did it inspire in you?
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