Cancellation and refunds policies

Our seven-day free trial allows testing the video courses before committing to a purchase or subscription time. In addition to that we offer a one time courtesy money back guarantee to first time subscribers who contact us within 30 days from the first active day of being billed. Due to the nature of services being digital, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange after the second thirty day cycle has been entered. Also anyone who is re-activating their membership is not eligible for a refund.

Additional non-returnable items:
* Live Webinar access
* Downloadable software products

Subscriptions may be canceled at any time. Please contact Ludmilaa(@) to complete the cancelation.
To avoid any disputes, please set a reminder a couple of days before the renewal date of your original subscription. For example, if you started the free trial on Jan 1st, then your card will be billed on Jan 8th, and later on each following 8th day of the month or year, depending on the subscription plan you chose.

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