The power of completion | Happy New Year

Happy new year courageous creative, I hope you slid (that's what we say in Germany) well into 2019, and are ready to tackle any intentions that surfaced as crucial to you.

Last year, while I was creating refresher courses (for the FIDM Alumni department) and new content here like the Freemium Studio courses, I was questioning myself and debated when I was finally going to let the courses be finished so I could share it.
To decide something is completed lies within my power. Yet there have been many times that I've been wrestling with the illusion of perfectionism to stop myself from moving forward.

While I was creating courses and Freemiums, I was wondering whether you too had thought about perhaps building a new portfolio or whether there were other projects personal or passion projects that are still lingering around collecting real or digital dust. You know, projects remaining stuck in the unfinished stages?
This got me thinking that I could share a couple of valuable snippets of encouragement, newly found awareness, and resources on how to complete more of what's on your plate and restore some balance in your life.
I know I know productivity is a huge buzzword and that is not what I'm talking about at all. I'm advocating serenity here, so what I am talking about is more about a shift in perception. In this blog post, I am sharing some powerful tips that have helped me complete more and feel satisfied at the end of each day. From not reading uninteresting books all the way to the end without feeling guilty, to finally getting that portfolio polished (hint;0 ).

Here is a book that I stumbled across online by Martha Ringer  called Complete. Done. Finished. 
I am posting a couple of images here to not take away too much of what this powerful book has taught me. Let me just say that it is informative and visually pleasing. The visuals lend to the calm feeling of having a choice in the matter of completion.

complete done finish digital book by martha ringer
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top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers

i am still at adobemax 2013 today, but here is a quick roundup on the top 4 creative tools that i am exited about for the apparel industry in regards to adobe programs and now hardware. please let me know what you think and share with me what you would like to see improved or what is your fav new feature? Continue reading “top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers”

Summary of Adobe Max 2011 – Announcements that excite the Fashion Designer

After having a week to digest and sort out the “way out” geeky from the need to share information, I decided to talk about the following:

Sweepstakes! What would you change in Illustrator or Photoshop? Fashion designers opinions wanted?

Update! I closed the blog entries at this time. Thank you for reading.

Fashion designers! What are the most troubling issues that you have had or are having with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop? What would you add inside of either software to fix it? Get an answer from the creators of Illustrator and Photoshop the “Adobe Team”**.

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Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries

It’s late at night and I am editing a long overdue session from my live techpacks webinars. The beginning of this session is a great overview to learn what goes into a Fashion Tech packs that factories need that will ship production garments directly to a store with specific requirements. Continue reading “Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries”

Sit comfortably

Wandering the classroom, I often cringe at my student’s posture. Their laptop screens are below their eye level and especially during my Saturday class which is 6 hours long, I hear an occasional growl and a see a lot of stretching.

On the job I have had similar experiences myself where the computer’s were setup to fit everyone the same. Sometimes it goes unnoticed for a while, until I find myself feeling sluggish and not very productive. But it does not have to be that way.

I suggest that you can easily adjust your computer screen at home or at work by putting a book, box or any other strong object underneath it so that you can sit comfortably. Ok, you might earn some disapproving looks by your collegues or boss, but hey maybe you inspire them to do the same. They might even thank you ! Below I posted some behind the scene pictures of an office in the garment district in L.A. You can see that I used a box to elevate my screen, the other two pictures are just there to give you a glimpse into a design studio.

Haha: Dear husband says to tell you guys to bring a pillow and a coffee? I guess you can pick and choose which one works for you. On a more serious note: What makes your workday more comfortable? Let us know what gets you through the day?