Great new courses already available to my all access members

My website currently only advertises and shows access to 6 courses, but all access members can access 2 more (8 full courses total).

Both of these assume that you already worked your way through the beginner courses

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Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Illustrator for Fashion Graphics


Have you seen the beautiful colorful

city of Melbourne’s logo options that are floating around Australia? Click here to visit their gallery.

Young, fresh, colorful and a logo that the city’s citizen can be mighty proud of. Being the geek that I am I had to ask myself how can I quickly draw and come up with these many options for any letter that I will ever draw for logos and graphics? I’ll talk a bit about the process here, but why don’t you join me on 11/11/2011 at 12:30pm PST time live online? [sws_button class=”” size=”sws_btn_medium” align=”” href=”″ target=”_blank” label=”Click to register” template=”sws_btn_default” textcolor=”” bgcolor=”” bgcolorhover=”” glow=”sws_btn_glow”] [/sws_button] Continue reading “Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Illustrator for Fashion Graphics”

Freebie alert – Design your fashion croquis’s outfit like Versace for H&M

Having worked at H&M as a teenager in Hamburg, Germany; this place obviously always has a special place in my Fashion Design heart.

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Color names and codes for Illustrator and Photoshop – Quick video tip

Watch this video to learn to find quick inspiration for color names for you new color swatches that you are using in your line sheets, mood and trend boards for new fashion collections. Continue reading “Color names and codes for Illustrator and Photoshop – Quick video tip”

Summary of Adobe Max 2011 – Announcements that excite the Fashion Designer

After having a week to digest and sort out the “way out” geeky from the need to share information, I decided to talk about the following:

How long have you been using Photoshop? Happy 20th Birthday!

last year was photoshop‘s 20th birthday.

during adobe  max’s 2010 conference i was able to explore and take some pictures of the evolution of the photoshop software since it’s very first version. Continue reading “How long have you been using Photoshop? Happy 20th Birthday!”

Celebrating 500 fans on facebook with files and video tutorial

Today any click-able text will take you to FB page: Thank you for’s 500 fans mile stone! Celebrate with me on my facebook page by being inspired, watching the videos and downloading the pdf and ai file to keep and take apart.What will you learn? Learn to use simple tools like the ellipse tool in Illustrator combined with Illustrator CS5 new width tool to create brushes  to create a beautiful pattern print for your fashion flat sketches. Continue reading “Celebrating 500 fans on facebook with files and video tutorial”

How close do you want to get to MCQueen’s Fashion collections?


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Alexander McQueen’s spring 2011 Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Savage Beauty,has come to and end on August 7. 2011. Continue reading “How close do you want to get to MCQueen’s Fashion collections?”

Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar- Flat sketches and fabrics in Photshop

Do your hand sketches look great and you do not want to use the computer to draw them because you are quickly done doing it with traditional pencil and paper?
You can have the best of both the hand sketched fashion flats and using Photoshop for bringing the fabrics inside.
Join me for a quick free webinar covering the 3 different ways that you need to know to put textiles, fabrics into flat sketches inside of Photoshop CS5 Continue reading “Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar- Flat sketches and fabrics in Photshop”

Appliques cut with the cricut and designed with the pen tool

Being a night owl I often times find myself watching those long late night commercials. And I can’t believe that I found  2 of my favorite things to do right now on TV during those infomercials . One of them being Zumba® but that would make for a whole new blog. And the second one is the Cricut®

In case you do not know what the Cricut® is: It’s a printer like machine (instead of ink it has a blade) that uses cartridges that hold fonts and images that can be cut out of paper for the scrap-booking community and amazingly it also cuts fabric.

When I first saw it, I did a little research online and found a video on youtube showing a lady cutting a cute little cupcake out of fabric and sewing it onto a baby’s onesie. I liked the idea so much and got extremely excited about being able to do this myself. The only thing that was bothering me was the fact that the Cricut® prides itself in being a computer-less product, meaning no need to know any software and no connection to computer required. The Cricut® offers cartridges of which 1-2 are included with the machine and then you have to buy other ones separately. I however envisioned something entirely different. I wanted to draw my own designs inside of Illustrator and then make the Cricut® cut it out of fabric for me.

So I did a little more research and found that Provocraft® (maker of Cricut®) came out with a product that is called Cricut DesignStudio ® software. That sounded really exciting until I found out that this product only allows you to use images from the cartridges. I guess it’s a step up for anyone not interested in using a real design software, as I assume that before this software one was only able to cut images from one cartridge at a time?

Anyways, after I did some more research I found a website that sells a down-loadable software called “SurecutsalotTM“<<< love the name>>> and tested it out.

Well… after deciding which Cricut® to buy (because they come in different sizes) and finding coupons and some Heat N Bond to stiffen the fabric. And  it works! Ha! Here is short tutorial on what I did (see pics above)

First I found my inspiration, which happened to be a towel holder with these cute little elephants. Then I took a picture of them and traced them in Illustrator, then I saved them as a SVG. file. Then opened my elephants (one at a time) in surecutsalot.. hooked my computer per usb up to the cricut and pressed cut.

Voila… i had my first computer generated appliques. Which will be used for a baby blanket for my friend daughter.

There are some important hints and tips for prepping the fabrics and how to apply it to the actual cutting mat of the Cricut® and which blade setting and so on and since that is all information that I forget as soon as I do it, I am glad that there is a huge community of Cricut® users that share their tips online on the Cricut® message board.

Here is the link to the youtube video that inspired me.

Here is the link to the Cricut message board

Here is the link to the “SurecutsalotTM” software

And you can download my little elephants as Ai files right here. They are on separate Layers.