top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers

i am still at adobemax 2013 today, but here is a quick roundup on the top 4 creative tools that i am exited about for the apparel industry in regards to adobe programs and now hardware. please let me know what you think and share with me what you would like to see improved or what is your fav new feature? Continue reading “top new adobe creative tools for fashion designers”

Color names and codes for Illustrator and Photoshop – Quick video tip

Watch this video to learn to find quick inspiration for color names for you new color swatches that you are using in your line sheets, mood and trend boards for new fashion collections. Continue reading “Color names and codes for Illustrator and Photoshop – Quick video tip”

Celebrating 500 fans on facebook with files and video tutorial

Today any click-able text will take you to FB page: Thank you for’s 500 fans mile stone! Celebrate with me on my facebook page by being inspired, watching the videos and downloading the pdf and ai file to keep and take apart.What will you learn? Learn to use simple tools like the ellipse tool in Illustrator combined with Illustrator CS5 new width tool to create brushes  to create a beautiful pattern print for your fashion flat sketches. Continue reading “Celebrating 500 fans on facebook with files and video tutorial”

How to draw a fashion flat sketch in Illustrator? Part 1 understanding the final result first

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All beginnings are hard, but they can be made a lot easier by taking the time to understand the problem or in our case flat sketch first. This video which is part of our beginner course  “Adobe ® Illustrator ® for Fashion Design”, will show you how to take existing flat sketches apart and explain what needs to happen when you draw your first fashion flat sketch.



Seamless pattern in Illustrator tutorial on youtube

Click here to check out this new social profile website.While there watch your seamless video tutorial by clicking on the youtube icon

Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries

It’s late at night and I am editing a long overdue session from my live techpacks webinars. The beginning of this session is a great overview to learn what goes into a Fashion Tech packs that factories need that will ship production garments directly to a store with specific requirements. Continue reading “Fashion Tech packs for store deliveries”