Privilege in the fashion industry

(Ok, so posting that I took a pledge on social media, LinkedIn, and telling you here does feel a bit icky and performative. But what is the alternative? Stay silent?) 

Before 2020, I had contemplated sharing my personal stories of racist, sexist, and just plain ego-driven meanness in the apparel industry. But I kept shrinking away from it. 
Why? Because although I am not white, I have built-in privileges in my name, Ludmila, and my German language and citizenship, keys that have opened doors for me throughout my life.

I didn’t have to do anything to earn those privileges. Born and raised in Germany, my mom picked a Russian name and VOILA! I couldn’t easily be put into a box.

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Do you have a creative practice ? | With examples by Justina Blakeney

Hey! You! Don't want to read the entire post? Scroll down and read my summary of favorite reason to have a daily (almost) creative practice. Prefer video and audio? I'll post the video below that I recorded talking about this topic on IG & FB live.

January is almost over, and this wraps up the first month of a new habit that I am practicing. If you follow  my Instagram  account, you might have seen me post a time-lapse of my digital sketching daily (Mo-Fr). That is a daily creative practice that I have meant to start many years ago. I finally committed to it, and I am experiencing a lot of mixed emotions about it. I'll talk about this during another time, but for now, I just wanted to share the benefits that I am experiencing and what designer, artist, and author Justina Blakeney shared during her Creative Morning  talk that confirmed with me that this is just a great thing to do for myself.

Justina Blakeney and Ludmila Lembke at Creative Mornings
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