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Exercise Files

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Module 1 01 Sketching freely as by hand vs Live Trace - Graphics  
Unit 1 Part 1 Using and setting up the pencil tool 8:17
Unit 2 Part 2 Learn to use the live paint bucket tool and the live paint selection tool 6:02
Unit 3 Part 3 Use the smooth tool and learn about limitations of live paint areas 4:08
Unit 4 Part 4 Exploring and fixing limitations of live paint groups 4:06
Unit 5 Part 5 Solutions for using gradients with live paint group 9:41
Unit 6 Part 6 Exploring the blob brush tool 9:06
Unit 7 Part 7 Transparency, blob brush tool and live trace tool 6:40
Module 2 02 Your Tracing vs computer aided tracing - Graphics, Trims, Textile  
Unit 1 Part 8 Using live trace to create and use brushes 11:27
Unit 2 Part 9 Continuing with more colorways and an intricate lace brush 13:07
Unit 3 Part 10 Creating a seamless tile with images that have been live traced 9:43
Module 3 03 All about color  
Unit 1 Part 11 How to create custom colortables for popular Web Icons 10:33
Unit 2 Part 12 Quick color inspiration right inside of Illustrator and online 9:23
Unit 3 Part 13 Manipulate brushes and pattern swatches inside recolor artwork 12:39
Module 4 04 Creating your own custom font and CS5 new useful features  
Unit 1 Part 14 Setting up font template and guides in Illustrator 6:11
Unit 2 Part 15 Creating your letters with the blob brush tool 6:33
Unit 3 Part 16 Completing your letters with the blob brush tool 11:53
Unit 4 Part 17 Finalizing your letters and numbers, signature and export to jpg, upload and test it online 16:19
Module 5 05 CS5 new useful features that you might have missed  
Unit 1 Part 18 Quick overview of new features in Illustrator CS5 16:14

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