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Fashion Design with Adobe Illustrator

Module 1 01 Introduction to workspace in Illustrator  
Unit 1 Chapter 01-01 Intro set up of workspace 12:37
Unit 2 Chapter 01-02 Pixel images vs. vector images 4:37
Unit 3 Chapter 01-03 Understanding Layers 7:12
Module 2 02 Before you begin with button exercise.  
Unit 1 Chapter 02-01 What to unchecked before you start 3:00
Unit 2 Chapter 02-02 Create a basic button with basic shapes and learn to move, rotate, scale and duplicate your objects 9:36 (Long video, scroll forward as needed)
Module 3 03 First fashion flat sketch.  
Unit 1 Chapter 03-01 Explore Adobe Illustrator fashion flat sketch file to see what the final sketch should look like 3:31
Unit 2 Chapter 03-02 Use the pen tool to trace the outline of the basic tee shirt, then reflect and learn to close open objects 12:32
Unit 3 Chapter 03-03 Create sleeves, binding and the back view and create closed objects with the pathfinder (method 1 of 2) 11:29
Unit 4 Chapter 03-04 Learn to use the live paint bucket tool (available since Illustrator CS2) to color basic tee fashion flat sketch 15:47
Module 4 04 Let’s color our first Fashion Sketch.  
Unit 1 Chapter 04-01 Adding fill color to your sketch 7:20
Unit 2 Chapter 04-02 Add color swatches, multiply tee shirt and add text 7:52
Unit 3 Chapter 04-03 Ensure that color fills are the same w. the Eyedropper Tool or color codes 8:49
Module 5 05 What not to do in the beginning.  
Unit 1 Chapter 05-01 Exploring problems of open objects 2:42
Unit 2 Chapter 05-02 Why can I not join? Is it grouped? 9:26
Unit 3 Chapter 05-03 Selection vs. Direct Selection Tool 12:06
Unit 4 Chapter 05-04 Practicing the Pen Tool, adding anchor/ removing points and convert Tool 7:30
Module 6 06 Pants and Dress exercise.  
Unit 1 Chapter 06-01 Drawing a Pant 13:34
Unit 2 Chapter 06-02 Drawing a long sleeve dress with the Live Paint Bucket Tool and intro to Width Tool (CS5) 29:59
Unit 3 Chapter 06-03 Manipulating Pant into 2 new garments 3:48 *Mini Group from existing Sketch**
Unit 4 Chapter 06-04 Manipulating long sleeve dress into 2 new garments 4:03
Unit 5 Chapter 06-05 Manipulating basic tee into multiple new garments using the Pathfinder 5:38 **Variation of Basic Tee using the Pathfinder**
Module 7 07 Creating basic fashion brushes.  
Unit 1 Chapter 07-01 Basic zig zag brush 3:31
Unit 2 Chapter 07-02 Basic button brush with spacing 3:52
Unit 3 Chapter 07-03 Basic zipper brush 0:57
Unit 4 Chapter 07-04 Scaling brushes 2:02
Unit 5 Chapter 07-05 Creative brushes 8:32
Unit 6 Chapter 07-06 Re- Coloring brushes; Live color 6:39
Unit 7 Chapter 07-07 Saving/using brush libraries 4:28
Module 8 08 Creating fabric swatches.  
Unit 1 Chapter 08-01 Creating stripe swatches 3:39
Unit 2 Chapter 08-02 Fill garments with stripes following the grainlines 4:03
Unit 3 Chapter 08-03 Creating polka dots and other dotted swatches 1:50
Unit 4 Chapter 08-04 Scaling Fabric swatches in garments 1:29
Unit 5 Chapter 08-05 Create multiple color ways of swatches and Live Color 1:31
Unit 6 Chapter 08-06 Saving/ Using swatch libraries 2:55
Module 9 09 Bringing it all together inside a fashion line-sheet.  
Unit 1 Chapter 09-02 Set preferences to scale garments and keep proportions of art 2:32
Unit 2 Chapter 09-01 Bring pants and dress together into a line sheet 2:00
Unit 3 Chapter 09-03 Create multiple color ways, by recoloring and scaling denim swatches 5:17
Unit 4 Chapter 09-04 Learn how and why to distribute information on separate layers 1:39
Unit 5 Chapter 09-05 Export layers to different jpgs. for different purposes 2:22