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fashion illustrations in adobe illustrator fashion croquis sketching


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Module 1 Bonus Course - Create brushes and prints for garment details  
Unit 1 Bonus 1 Create plaid with free online tool 4:28
Unit 2 Bonus 2 Intro to online pattern tools repper and madpattern 4:18
Unit 3 Bonus 3 Pattern tool in Illustrator 2:46
Unit 4 Bonus 4 Intro and overview of brush creation for repeating parts like trims and stitches 3:49
Unit 5 Bonus FIVE Change the color of a brush with single colorization from stroke or for manually for multiple colors 1:42
Unit 6 Bonus 6 Advanced recolor of intricate brushes and color reduction 2:21
Unit 7 Bonus 7 How to flip brushes when reflected and change size of brush via the stroke 2:02
Unit 8 Bonus 8 How to create spacing on brushes like buttons or ribbing 1:01
Unit 9 Bonus 9 How to create an overlap in brushes like sequins 3:14
Unit 10 Bonus 10 How to create a scattered brush randomizing size, scale, rotation, and scatter on a rhinestone-layout 1:49
Unit 11 Bonus 12 How to save your brush library and transfer brushes between documents. How to share brushes via email. 3:08
Unit 12 Bonus 11 How to use images (raster-files) in brushes. More ideas for brush applications 1:33
Unit 13 Bonus 13 Brush preferences that need to be checked 1:44

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