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fashion illustrations in adobe illustrator fashion croquis sketching


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Exercise Files & Link to Bonus Course for Pattern and Brush creations

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Module 1 01 Welcome, class supplies and research explained  
Unit 1 Part 1 Welcome to class – supply list explained 6:03
Unit 2 Part 2 Research your fashion customer 8:22
Module 2 02 Varied hand tracing techniques and choices of poses explained for best results in Adobe Illustrator  
Unit 1 Part 3 Tips and trick on choosing poses from magazines for tracing 2:43
Unit 2 Part 4 A quick word on the greatest pencil sharpener 1:50
Unit 3 Part 5 How to look and take apart files inside of Illustrator – Beginner extra help 2:12
Unit 4 Part 6 First sneak peek at final results in Illustrator, looking at special setup 8:02
Unit 5 Part 7 Speedy light box tracing demo with a couple of verbal clues 2:33
Module 3 03 Illustrator settings, multiple poses, hairstyles, saving your files, and library setup  
Unit 1 Part 8 Illustrator tips for beginners – What to uncheck before you begin 7:33
Unit 2 Part 9 Hand sketch to vector with image trace – minimal effort 6:50
Unit 3 Part 10 Hand sketch to vector – trouble shooting – fix with blob brush live paint and eraser tool 7:30
Unit 4 Part 11 Save your files – reminder and warning 4:25
Unit 5 Part 12 Varied hairstyles, fix fills with blob brush and live paint 8:35
Unit 6 Part 13 Create and organize component libraries (ie arms saved as symbols) 3:52
Unit 7 Part 14 Divide body into separate parts with the pathfinder tool 4:40
Module 4 04 Skin colors and shading  
Unit 1 Part 15 Create skin colors with gradient using Kuler (now Adobe Color) 4:57
Unit 2 Part 16 How to find skin-tones outside of Illustrator & create depth with mesh. Short intro to mosaic in Illustrator 5:41
Unit 3 Part 17 Draw contrast with strokes, fills and transparency. Use blurr effects for blush 3:18
Module 5 05 Design your garment after using valuable trend, fabric and style forecasting services  
Unit 1 Part 18 What is trend-forecasting – my take on it 2:49
Unit 2 Part 19 How to jump start your own trend forecasting with free online resources 6:00
Unit 3 Part 20 Quick tips for assembling and sharing your research 2:14
Module 6 06 Assemble, layout, finalize outfits with color, details and textures. Intro to eye details.  
Unit 1 Part 21 Tips for hand sketching garments before bringing it into ai 10:18
Unit 2 Part 22 Make garments fit croquis and assemble artwork into one document by copying from multiple files 3:33
Unit 3 Part 23 Create an over and under effect for hands on top of garments 1:47
Unit 4 Part 24 Arrange garments and arms on top of croquis- Practice send art to back and send to front 3:19
Unit 5 Part 25 Use rulers and guides to arrange croquis on horizontal 0:54
Unit 6 Part 26 Create color swatches from inspiration board – How to apply colors to garments 3:44
Unit 7 Part 27 Create texture swatch (leather) repeats with images from web 4:30
Unit 8 Part 28 A word about print copyrights – How to create clipping mask for prints for garments 3:26
Unit 9 Part 29 Clipping masks for eye details and a glimpse at how to create other face details 4:14
Unit 10 Part 30 Change artboard size, work with transparency, create gradients, and draw inside. Understanding and how to set up preferences 6:00
Unit 11 Part 31 How to create stitching 1:06

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