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 Adobe ® Photoshop ® for Fashion course

Module 1 01 Introduction to Digital Design terms and the workspace in Photoshop  
Unit 1 Chapter 01-01 Setting up and saving of work space 5:43
Unit 2 Chapter 01-02 Exploring pixel vs. vector images, using the navigator 3:00
Unit 3 Chapter 01-03 Understanding layers 5:02
Unit 4 Chapter 01_04 Quick tool palette overview 4:03
Unit 5 Chapter 01-05 Understanding background of .jpg 3:05
Module 2 02 Before you begin  
Unit 1 Chapter 02-01 What to “uncheck” before you start, uncheck snap to features 1:32
Unit 2 Chapter 02-02 No one way of doing things 2:10
Module 3 03 Create a trend board (selecting by shape)  
Unit 1 Chapter 03-01 Creating a new document 3:05
Unit 2 Chapter 03-02 Opening and switching between multiple open files 4:10
Unit 3 Chapter 03-03 Selecting, coping, pasting and moving images 9:35
Unit 4 Chapter 03-04 Naming individual layers to stay organized 3:40
Unit 5 Chapter 03-05 Rotating and transforming images 18:04
Unit 6 Chapter 03-06 Understanding undo, step backward and history panel 1:48
Unit 7 Chapter 03-07 Adding text and color swatches 14:41
Unit 8 Chapter 03-08 Understanding saving as .psd and as .jpg file 3:10
Unit 9 Chapter 03-09 Exploring and understanding resolution (dpi, ppi) intro to smart objects 4:26
Module 4 04 Troubleshooting and more tips on selections and layers  
Unit 1 Chapter 04-01 Cannot see the actual tool icon 1:45
Unit 2 Chapter 04-02 Image is fuzzy or the edges are fuzzy and intro to smart-objects 3:11
Unit 3 Chapter 04-03 Error messages in selection tools while copying 4:06
Unit 4 Chapter 04-04 Stuck in transform mode, cannot copy, move or transform image/ selection 8:25
Unit 5 Chapter 04-05 Toolbar disappears, layers do not seem to copy, stuck in quick mask mode 2:29
Unit 6 Chapter 04-06 Magic wand and tolerance and ellipse tool and feather mode select too much or too little 5:39
Unit 7 Chapter 04-07 Cannot delete the background 1:43
Module 5 05 Creating a line sheet and mock trim layout (selecting by color)  
Unit 1 Chapter 05-01 Cleaning up the background of tee shirt photo 9:47
Unit 2 Chapter 05-02 Cleaning up the background of scanned trim 2:16
Unit 3 Chapter 05-03 Combining and multiplying trim and tee in new document 6:24
Unit 4 Chapter 05-04 Creating multiple colors of tees and trims 8:37
Unit 5 Chapter 05-05 Quick tips, matching color of 2 shirts at once, taking clipping function off 4:01
Unit 6 Chapter 05-06 Adding line sheet information with text 4:04
Unit 7 Chapter 05-07 Creative layouts of trim, intro to rulers and guides 9:17
Unit 8 Chapter 05-08 Merging layers, linking layers, and saving document 11:27
Module 6 06 Practicing the pen tool (selecting by drawing a shape)  
Unit 1 Chapter 06-01 Creating a path around an image with a irregular shape 6:02
Unit 2 Chapter 06-02 Using the path as a selection and learning how to save a path 2:39
Unit 3 Chapter 06-03 Reflecting and connecting a path around an image with low contrasting background 5:57
Unit 4 Chapter 06-04 Saving and using the path as a stroke, introduction to layers styles 7:06
Unit 5 Chapter 06-05 Adding and removing anchor points, editing, converting and filling paths 9:12
Module 7 07 Troubleshooting and more tips on pen tool and paths  
Unit 1 Chapter 07-01 Pen tool covers image with color 1:42
Unit 2 Chapter 07-02 Path will not make a selection or copy 2:46
Unit 3 Chapter 07-03 Stuck in paths, loosing path and how to separate multiple paths 1:52
Unit 4 Chapter 07-04 Cannot move or edit paths 1:06
Module 8 08 Creating a trim layout with custom brushes  
Unit 1 Chapter 08-01 Cleaning up trims and creating brushes 1:19
Unit 2 Chapter 08-02 Using brushes and scanned images to create trim layout 22:26
Unit 3 Chapter 08-03 Keep experimenting with brushes, layer styles and color adjustments 24:15
Unit 4 Chapter 08-04 Drawing threads for buttons, organizing layers by creating layer sets or merging layers and bringing in the basic tee 15:04
Unit 5 Chapter 08-05 Accessing and organizing brush library (preset manager) 2:53
Module 9 09 Practicing cropping, resizing, rotating and flipping  
Unit 1 Chapter 09-01 Cropping the trend board 2:37
Unit 2 Chapter 09-02 Adding canvas space to line sheet 3:33
Unit 3 Chapter 09-03 Rotating, flipping and reducing size of trim layout 3:14
Module 10 10 Rendering scanned or imported flat sketch  
Unit 1 Chapter 10-01 Opening and preparing scanned image 13:56
Unit 2 Chapter 10-02 Creating multiple colorways 12:42
Unit 3 Chapter 10-03 Using paths to clean up scanned flat sketch 3:51
Unit 4 Chapter 10-04 Creating depth with burn and dodge tool 6:16
Unit 5 Chapter 10-05 Experimenting with adding fabrics to flat sketch 7:22
Module 11 11 Creating patterns (fabric prints- stripes and polka dots) in multiple color ways.  
Unit 1 Chapter 11-01 Creating a basic dot and polka dot, use it on test page at original size and scaled 7:22
Unit 2 Chapter 11-02 Creating multiple colorways of dots 3:45
Unit 3 Chapter 11-03 Creating stripes use it on test page at original size and scaled 6:01
Unit 4 Chapter 11-04 Creating multiple colorways of stripes 2:01
Unit 5 Chapter 11-05 Using patterns inside flat sketch 4:43
Unit 6 Chapter 11-06 Accessing and organizing pattern library (preset manager) 2:06
Module 12 12 Reducing colors of print by creating a color index  
Unit 1 Chapter 12-01 Creating and saving a color index of 5 colors on 1st print 2:24
Unit 2 Chapter 12-02 Creating and saving multiple color-tables and colorways of print 4:59
Unit 3 Chapter 12-03 Using color-tables on 2nd print 5:45
Unit 4 Chapter 12-04 Combining prints and flat sketches 16:23
Module 13 13 Practicing 3 different ways of bringing prints/ fabrics into flat sketch  
Unit 1 Chapter 13-01 Filling with pattern (regular size and orientation only) 6:40
Unit 2 Chapter 13-02 Pattern adjustment layer (change size) 0:59
Unit 3 Chapter 13-03 Paste into (change size and rotation of print) 1:29
Unit 4 Chapter 13-04 Advantages and disadvantages of each method 16:20