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Exercise Files
Click on the image to open up the exercise files download page for this course. TECHNIQUES

Master Textile Design Course: TECHNIQUE - Track A

Module 1 01 Ikat in photoshop to illustrator + very powerful illustrator CS6 (new) pattern tool.  
Unit 1 Chapter 1-01 Ikat introduction to creation with illustrator and photoshop 01:42
Unit 2 Chapter 1-02 What does Ikat look like 02:14
Unit 3 Chapter 1-03 Create wind effect in photoshop 02:56
Unit 4 Chapter 1-04 Bring art into Illustrator for live tracing 03:53
Unit 5 Chapter 1-05 Crinkle tool in Illustrator 03:50
Unit 6 Chapter 1-06 Intro to create pattern tool (new in CS6) 02:13
Unit 7 Chapter 1-07 Explanation of pattern within a pattern 01:46
Unit 8 Chapter 1-08 Rasterizing in Illustrator explained 02:56
Unit 9 Chapter 1-09 Rasterizing more detailed explanation 05:21
Module 2 Plaid Design  
Unit 1 Chapter 2-01 Quick intro and free online tools to make plaids 1:52
Unit 2 Chapter 2-02 Create your own weave grid pattern in Photoshop 08:55
Unit 3 Chapter 2-03 Step by step for filling plaid weave with warp and weft 03:16
Unit 4 Chapter 2-04 Bring plaid into illustrator for scaling and rotating and using in objects. 01:52
Module 3 Watercolor  
Unit 1 Chapter 03-01 Intro to watercolor brushes and their installation in Photoshop 02:59
Unit 2 Chapter 03-02 Watercolor paper setup in Photoshop 03:10
Unit 3 Chapter 03-03 Painting on a scanned outline with watercolor 01:16
Unit 4 Chapter 03-04 Blending colors with mixer brush and smudge tool in Photoshop 02:44
Unit 5 Chapter 03-05 Reducing colors for printing production by creating an index in Photoshop 01:35
Module 4 Tie Dye  
Unit 1 Chapter 04-01 Intro to tie dye 01:07
Unit 2 Chapter 04-02 Linear tie dye in Photoshop (rainbow and black and white) 01:38
Unit 3 Chapter 04-03 Adjust color of standard tie dye pattern swatch 04:05
Unit 4 Chapter 04-04 Create custom color palette from gradient via Illustrator 07:05
Unit 5 Chapter 04-05 Set up tile repeat with preview in Photoshop 08:51
Unit 6 Chapter 04-06 Create a radial tie dye effect in Photoshop w custom colors 05:35
Unit 7 Chapter 04-07 Tie dye heart (or other shape) from Illustrator to Photoshop 07:23