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Exercise Files

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Exercise files for Tech packs with Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Course



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Module 1 01 Tech Pack for tee shirt with screen print  
Unit 1 Part 01 Overview of tech pack content, intro to export to pdf function and graphic color call out. 22:08
Unit 2 Part 02 Setting up multiple pages in Illustrator ready for export to pdf format, comparing CS4 to CS5 changes in art-board options and arrowheads, and setting up grids and labeling multiple pages in seconds. 22:47
Module 2 02 Tech Pack for dress with all over print  
Unit 1 Part 03 Quick review of setup but speeding it up by using existing components from other tech packs. Navigating the multiple artboards, and toggling between documents. Creating, saving and using your custom work-space. 21:07
Unit 2 Part 04 Construction details page including zoom in detail creation. Textile print direction overview. 14:18
Unit 3 Part 05 Adding, changing and organizing artboards. Name artboards for easy navigation. Creating direction and colortables (color call outs) for multiple colorways of textile print in original size. 18:01
Module 3 03 Tech Pack for denim pants with wash and folding instructions  
Unit 1 Part 6 Overview of a tech pack that helps factories understand shipping, labeling, packing and folding instructions of stores. Creating denim wash effect inside of Illustrator. Creating basic and advanced zipper brushes. 11:32
Unit 2 Part 7 Folding instructions, hang-tags and labels explained. 13:34
Module 4 04 Tech Pack for a jacket with applique and stud layout. Practice of folding instructions.  
Unit 1 Part 8 Practicing and reviewing how to use components from existing tech packs, using artboard window for navigating and organizing pages. How to communicate and organize more complicated fabric information on detail sheet. 21:59
Unit 2 Part 9 Differences between production and development tech packs. Fabric rotation, applique call outs with stud sizing chart. Embedding links and exporting options for documents. 21:34

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