Converse coloring competition

During the Cut & Paste competition in Los Angeles the audience was not left out of the creative process. Converse had crayons and colored markers to let courageous enough adults participate in a fun little competition. I am not sure what the first prize was, but I think it is something along the lines of having your design mass manufactured. I entered some sort of Zen mode while coloring & designing my shoe template. Ii made me realize how much I miss working with colored markers and can’t wait to have more time to do it more often. However I did have a couple of “incidents” where I also missed my beloved “undo” buttons. Here are some pictures of my creative process. Converse blankConverse in progressConverse-in-progress-missing-somethingConverse are done!converse-one-in-a-hundred You can customize your own shoe somewhat yourself on Converse website. And if you are really good with creating your own textiles in Photoshop or graphics in Illustrator or both or vice versa. You can upload some designs on and completely design your own shoe. Of course you can also use your hand drawings, watercolor, photographs, magazine clippings and so on but at one point you will have to use the  computer to upload it.
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