Re-charge digital design processes with

efficient workflows 



Summary of offerings:

  • training solutions to optimize workflow for individual designers, technical designers, textile designers
  • training to optimize workflows between team members to establish seamless and wherever possible automated tasks


Every training package is unique, but they have some key benefits in common:

On-Site Assessments

Customized Training

Continued Access To Online Video Training For Each Participant  

Personalized Service 

Affordable & All-Inclusive

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Hello, Ludmila here!
I am a fellow apparel and textile designer, who has worked in many segments of the industry and decided to help designers in our world to regain sanity. In my 10+ years of designing and training individuals and teams, I have seen over and over again, how easy it is to become stuck in an old, familiar workflow and not keep up with the advances of what technology has to offer. I choose to keep up with those changes and help implement them in designers' daily routines. The results are always, improved morale, a spark of re-ignited passion for one's job, and higher productivity.

PS: I would like to commend you for looking out for your team's digital design needs. Imagining the individual that works in harmony with their tools and other individuals on the team and not against them. Yes, there is a different way!

What I learned from her I use every day as a fashion designer.

Ludmila is such a great instructor, she is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with others! I learned so much from her, techniques, tools, useful shortcuts and more! Ludmila taught me both privately and in a group classroom setting, and I use what I learned from her every day as a fashion designer. 

Marina Rahlin | Associate  Fashion Designer | Los Angeles

Love the lessons!

I've learned a ton but taking it slow and love that I can go back and re-watch things if I forget stuff. Someday I'll be better!

Natasha Stiles | Director of Merchandising | Kate Quinn

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