How to create a feather stitch – Feel free to ask! Ai download included

Here is a question that came my way yesterday, my dear friend is to remain anonymous but she granted me permission to post her images (after blurring some of the info on them) and questions here: “I would like to know how to create a stroke (not a brush, the brushes are not reliable as far as I know, to make nice, even shapes).I had to do a “feather stitch” and couldn’t find out how to make a feather stroke. So I typed a “V”, tipped it, and copied pasted it all along the curve, which I am sure, is not the right way to do it, lol, time consuming. Thanks  a lot!!!”
This is my answer to her problem:
“NAME(scream our loud)…what makes you think that brushes are not making nice even shapes? You have a patience of an angel… nice work on your copy and paste job. I attached a file with the ai brush and a file with step by step pictures on how I did it.”
Click here for the ai. (cs5) download of the feathered brush and you can view/ read the tutorial by clicking on the first picture and then looking at the description of each picture.
techpack-feather-stitch feather stitch tut002Feather Fashion stitchfeather fashion stitchFeather stitch created in IllustratorFeather stitchingfashio flat sketch proportionsScaling brushed in proportion in Illustrator
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