creating seamless tiles in illustrator cs6 with polar grid tool and mandalas

Create-seamless-pattern-with-Illustrator_cs6 Mandalas



from pizza slice to full mandala in minutes. here are some visuals of what was happening during our live session tonight. i just finished teaching the master textile design creativity track and couldn’t stop looking at this mandala and had to share. 


Create seamless pattern with Illustrator cs6 using polar grid tool
one hardly used feature in illustrator is the polar grid tool, but oh how much fun it can become.

Create-seamless pattern with Illustrator cs6

i use the polar grid tool to create a small slice of creativity.




Create-seamless-pattern-with-Illustrator_cs6 Mandalas

i then use the rotate tool to fill the entire circle with the creative slices.. mandala bliss.

Create seamless pattern with Illustrator cs6 and mandalas


this is the final result of the pizza becoming a mandala and then a repeat tossed together by the new illustrator cs6 pattern tool.


i hope this inspired you a bit to play with the polar grid tool, please let me know if it did?


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