How to design brand style – boards.
Create brand recognition through strong visuals.



2 Hours 04 Minutes


Beginner- Intermediate


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe cloud (free) 

Standing out while creating a consistent visual statement !

Gain your customer's trust and confidence in working or purchasing your products from you.

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Here is what's inside:

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    Over 2 hours of instructional videos broken into 6 Modules ↡ Reveal full table of content below ↡
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    Original exercise files from the videos
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    Entire slideshow of presentation with links to all resources of presentation as PDF. file 
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    Brand style board template as PDF. and AI. (Adobe Illustrator) file.
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    Bonus template for social media various sizes AI. (Adobe Illustrator) file.
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    Transcript of live session with links to additional resources as given by participants as PDF. file 

Click here to reveal the full table of content

  • Template to fill in, print, And Start Using Right Away + Bonus social media Template
  • Presentation slideshow and participants resources as pdf file

+ A fillable template to create custom brand Style Sheet.
+ Information for developing and finding custom brand color schemes
+ Information for finding font combinations
+ Information for finding recognizable imagery, symbols, and surface patterns.

A couple of visual examples of the video content:


Module #3

1 intro to workspace

font resources and apps that reveal font names found anywhere


ModUle #3

Color inspiration, tools, and resources revealed


Module #6 Bonus 1

Learn to use this social media template that is set up with varying sizes


Module #6 Bonus 2

4 color ways of flat sketch

sharing one of my favorite photoshop tricks by revealing how to create color harmonies across random assortments of photos and graphics. 

In this online Video workshop you will learn how to:

  • Whether you own your business, run a blog, or share your collection of art online, the way that you present your company visually through all of your communication channels is immensely valuable. 

What You'll Discover in this 2+ Hour Course:


Gain valuable insight into what goes into a style board 

Understanding the why, what, and how of the brand style board makes it easier to create one that will work for you.


Professional Resources and Inspiration galore

Resources and Inspiration that are free to inexpensive are shared to give you the confidence to fill in the template right away.


Explore how other brands use style boards

a variety of brands are examined during the presentation to see how the consistent visual look has been achieved and how to use it in your business.


 Save your design in one place and use in all design applications

Once you create your brand Style Guide, you will save it in one central location that all adobe design applications share. your Design assets will be ready to use quickly in newsletters, social media, website, blog, and even your physical stationary.


Bonus 1

I provide and explain the use of the social media template: How to quickly populate and export social media images in varying sizes across multiple artboards using your brand style guide.


Bonus 2

Learn to create color harmonies in a collection of random photos. Practice by using photos from the resource collection.

Crush it with digital design!

Vector design in Adobe Illustrator is the most efficient and most effective medium for communicating your ideas from concept to product. Now it's time for you to benefit from it.

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