Exercise Files and links to five free Ai + PSD tools to help supercharge your digital design workflow

Exercise Files

Here are the resources that I mention in the 5 parts of the mini course

Part 1. Download Adobe Bridge from the Adobe Cloud. This should be available for free cloud user ids as well. Click here to learn more and download.

Part 2. Here is the download to use my template for drawing with the “mirror effect”. You can set up your own after watching the video that might suit your needs better. Click here to download the fashion template and click here to download the file that is set up with multiple symmetries for textile or graphic design experimentations.

Part 3. This part has no download. Go record your own Action

Part 4. Click here to visit the website Media Militia to download the free action that removes white backgrounds in Photoshop for you. Additionally, experiment and test the free action that creates looking glass effects on photos. Read more and download it by clicking here.

Part 5. This part has no download. Use Photoshop to try out the export all Layers function.

five productivity tools for digital design

Throughout the course, your instructor uses files to create artwork. These files come ready in the format needed for the software that you are interested in learning. The advantages of having these files are that you can easily follow along with the videos step by step tutorials. When unsure about the correct outcome of your work you are able to take a close look at our original files. Learn hands-on by taking the files apart and compare them to your results. All files are organized in folders labeled for the according episodes.