FAQ for webinars

Here are a couple of commonly asked questions and their answers:  
  • I’ve never taken an online course how does it work?
 The live portion of the courses are taking place in my online classroom. I will send an email each week with a link and password to log into the class. Once we begin you will see my screen and hear me talk about the steps that I take to create the artwork. Then I give the class time to repeat the work on their computers. You can chat questions over to me, and I answer them by showing the steps again. Occasionally someone let’s me share their screen, they might be stuck and I can help and see what is going on by looking at their software. It’s kind of the same as in school, but you only hear my voice. SO… nobody can hear or see you. Your chat questions are repeated by me and then answered. That means, you can already be in your PJ’s and take the class in your bed. 😉
Computer aided design Webinar FAQ

Webinars are easy

  • Do I need Illustrator or Photoshop on my computer, because I do not have it. Do you provide the software?
Yes you do need the software to follow along. I recommend downloading the free 30 day trial version from the maker of  Illustrator and Photoshop and Adobe.com. Once the live training is over you can decide whether you want to purchase a full bundle or become a software monthly or yearly subscriber.
  • I am in a different time zone or my schedule at work is unpredictable and I am afraid to miss anything.
Glad you asked ! Once you sign up for the classes, you will receive a login to your video courses. These are covering the same topics, step by step that we are doing in the live session. A lot of times, once live participants discover the videos, I receive emails that they are going to just go ahead and work on their own…
The main reason for that are schedule issues, but also the fact that you can go at your own pace. You can go slower or faster than what we would do in the live session.
I am also always answering questions per email. So if you ever feel as if you are stuck, just let me know and I will help you get unstuck.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
I am using Paypal and Google Checkout and you can pay via all major credit cards and even by check (however that checks take longer to clear)
  • When will you offer this beginner session again?
The beginner webinars happen every 6 – 12 months, I work closely with the Fidm Alumni department and when we (FIDM alumni and I) have many new inquiries then we come together and decide it’s time to offer them again.