Creating a Fashion Collage in Photoshop – Video Tutorial beginner level

A fun little exercise that I give my beginning Photoshop Fashion Students is to pick their favorite designer and city and create a Fashion Collage based on those two research topics.

For the example in the picture and the video below I choose MaxMara and Paris. If you are new to using Photoshop this should be a great practice session. Simply go through

* magazines (scan at 150 dpi/ jpg) or

* websites(right click/ ctrl click for mac and save image as> onto desktop)

and find great images that you would like to mash up in Photoshop. The images should be saved as jpgs in a folder somewhere easy for you to remember, like your desktop.

The video is split into two segments just under 10 minutes each. They are a quick summary of what I had to do from start to finish to create the Collage. Obviously your images will be different, but you will see how easy it is to sort of draw selections on any image if you practice the polygonal lasso tool, or select high contrasting backgrounds with the use of the magic wand tool.

You need to know the shortcut for free transform: ctrl+T for PC or cmd+ T for MAC

Create Fashion Collage in Photoshop part 1 of 2 Runtime: 07:16

Create Fashion Collage in Photoshop part 2 of 2 Runtime: 08:57

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