Fashion Design inspiration at art fair

It is almost Monday and most of us are dreading to go back to work tomorrow. However given the fact that we are so lucky to creatively express ourselves I am sure that we can endure yet another oh so long week. The worst part is probably waking up early and having to deal with the boss… other than that I am sure that you enjoy your job. Right? Admit it! To spark some excitement and perhaps get some ideas going I thought I’d post some pictures of my latest colorful source of inspiration from an art fair that I visited a few months ago. The 3-d sculpture artist Kathy Ross has an interesting way of adorning her sculptural figures. Being a fan of glitz and sparkle I could not walk past the sculpture of the three horses. While some might say that it looks like a craft shop explosion, I find inspiration  for embroideries and graphics in every little trinket of what seems thousands of little details. You can click on each picture and zoom in a bit more.

Ok, so apart from the obvious beads and rhinestones on this view I spot: Cowboy boots, a golden feather, a lady bug, a rose button and a golden rose, at least 2 pretty bows, an argyle button, coin buttons and coins, an upside down cat and a side view of a butterfly.The adornment continues: I see a snowflake button and I just love love the guitar that looks as if it could be embroidered, though I think the details are more beads and buttons. You can zoom into details by pressing ctrl/ cmd and + and use the scrollbar on the side and bottom of the page to move around the image.

I started looking at her other sculptures and found that she uses a collage mixed out of maps, books and musical notes paper to dress this little statue wearing a five-tiered ruffle dress. She also seems to be starved for knowledge as she reads 3 books at once.

This really made me smile and I wrote down her name and web-address to see what other fun thing Kathy Ross creates. Here are 2 more snapshots of images from her site which you visit by clicking here.

While I can’t decide which one is my favorite, I think you can’t go wrong with any of her sculptures called “you are what you read”. What do you guys think? Any one feeling their creative juices going, and if yes, tell me what are you about to design?

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