fashion illustration with watercolor online class

zoom in glitter detail on fashion illustration


fashion illustration glitter thread crystals

2013 means more hands on creativity outside of the computer. to me anyways.  i have spent the last several years freelancing and teaching and editing.. like a lot… it’s time to bring color back onto this blog.. i am constantly surrounded by it and i am going to share it more

Fashion Croquis in water color

it had been quite a while since i used water color, thanks to katie rogers’ class over at paper fashion i finally picked up my brushes again and doodled my fashion illustration that is based on my inspiration ( pinterest).

zoom in glitter detail on fashion illustration

using leftover glitter (stage make up) from years ago looked really nice live on my table, but somehow did not translate onto the first scanned image. therefore the zoom in detail.

thread and rhinestone detail on fashion illustration

i finally used, even if just a tiny bit of my beautiful embroidery thread and my swarowksi crystals.

finally a bit of creative freedom…sight…

what is the last creative (non work) related colorful thing you did? – ludmila

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