Safari inspired with free ai/ jpg download

This morning I went over to and checked out their latest free trend magazine.

On page 11 they feature British-Nigerian Fashion designer Brian  Gathii whose high end appliques are handcrafted with materials ranging from cork, leather to Swarovski crystals using  beautiful African symbols. You can read download the mag by clicking here.

  • It started making me play around in Photoshop, where I created a giraffe print and a zebra print (seamless tiles) .

  • I then took them over to Illustrator, live traced and expanded them there.

  • Dragged them into my swatches and worked with the recolor artwork window to change the number of colors per print and create multiple color swatches of the print.

  • By the way, the recolor artwork window let’s you preview you color changes on a selected object and then when you accept the changes automatically adds the new color swatch combo in your swatch/ brush window.

  • You can download both ai/ jpg from the zip file by clicking here.

  • The ai document has been created in Illustrator cs5 and has the animal swatches within the artwork for you to use over and over again. If it does not show up in your swatch window, you can still create an object and then use the eyedropper tool to apply the animal prints to your artwork.

  • The jpg can be cleaned up in Photoshop (remove the background) and then you can use it as if it was a graphic/ applique on any of your flat sketches.

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zebra-printzebra fashion print pinkGiraffe print created in Photoshop then edited in Illustrator for color and size

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