Tech Packs with Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design



2 Hours 47 Minutes


Beginner- Intermediate


Adobe Illustrator

Understand what goes into a fashion tech-packs!

Feel prepared to sent production out for different design details, packaging, graphic, and textile call outs. Learn what could be expected and don't get caught by surprise.

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Here is what's inside:

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    Over 2 hours and 30 min of instructional videos broken into 4 Modules (click here to see complete table of contents).
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    3 Tech- packs as PDF. file and Adobe Illustrator files 
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    Vector art of all components, garments, trims, graphics, and more in AI. (Adobe Illustrator) file.
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    Guide to print layout and zoom in details AI. (Adobe Illustrator) file.

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  • 3 filled tech-pack Templates to edit as needed, print, And Start Using Right Away
  • Helpful Illustrator mini guide to understanding textile print direction

Tech-packs are divided into different needs:
+ Tech-Pack with graphic design call out
Tech-Pack With Trim Layout description
+ Tech-Pack with Textile design direction call out


 +Includes folding instructions + Ticketing Instructions and more

A couple of visual examples of the video content:


Module #2

how-to-create zoom-in-details-of-trims-in-fashion-tech-pack

how to create zoom in details of trims


ModUle #4


how to communicate fabric grain line for pocket pieces


Module #4


Practice page set up with varying sizes and changing layout


Module #2


Communicate different color ways and components

In this online Video Course you will learn how to:

  • Whether you are a fashion designer, or own your fashion design business the way that you communicate the production of your collection has a huge impact on your timeline and budget. If the communication isn't clear or there are components missing, the process might take longer or even worse result in mistakes during production. This might lead to a lot of money loss or for someone to loose their job. The information presented during this course can be used in Excel or in any other Product Development (Life-cycle) Software.

What You'll Learn in this 2+ Hour Course:


Feel Prepared For Working With Different Customers

When You Start Working With Bigger Stores Or Create Private Label Designs For Customers, You Might Have To Add Information To Be Included In The Delivery Process That Has Nothing To Do With The Manufacturing Of The Garment. Instead It Focuses On The Packaging And Folding Of The Garment. 


Get started with what you already know

You might already know and use Illustrator on a regular basis, so you can use it for tech - packs. No need to buy a new software or switch between programs. You can apply the knowledge learned in this course to fill in other formats easily too. 


Power Work flows

Use simple short cuts to do repetitive tasks in a snap. Multiple pages that need the same information can be set up quickly by using Art-board specific shortcuts.


Set up of document with multiple pages and varying sizes

Learn to set up pages with different sizes and export to one pDF document for easy file delivery. 


It's all in the details

Learn to show close up details and how to communicate those details effectively with production or during the sample making process.


Gain Valuable Insight Into What Goes Into A Fashion - Tech -Pack

Understanding The Why, What, And How Of The Fashion -Tech -Pack. 

Crush it with digital design!

Vector design in Adobe Illustrator is the most efficient and most effective medium for communicating your ideas from concept to product. Now it's time for you to benefit from it.

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