How to draw gathering and ruching in Illustrator for flat sketch

Since something is wrong with the orignal post I am re-posting this today.

A question came my way per email today: “…I would like to know how you would make ruching (gathering) on a full length dress (on the horizontal), I seem to be having some trouble..”

Below you will see my answer with pictures, but I also put a link to the Illustrator files at the bottom of this post:

” … I know that doing shirring and ruching seems hard in the beginning and it is also a personal choice on how you want it to look…

For A & B You see original drawing to be dragged into brush window and defined as a pattern brush.

For C I made some of the parts thicker by pulling the anchor points out, with the direct selection tool.

Here I made the components of A,B and C into pattern brushes by dragging the parts into the brushes window. I then drew a horizontal line with a black stroke and then clicked on the brush inside the brushes window to see the rushing applied.

Finally I use the brush on top and along the Fashion Flat sketch that needs it. The size of the brush can easily be changed by using a different stroke size from your stroke window. Here you see that on the right side the brush is showing outside of the Garment, so i simply covered it with a little drawn object with a white fill. See left side. The easiest way for me to explain it is to show you inside of an ai. file. Click Here

Please open it and you can click and drag pieces apart with your direct selection tool to see what I like to draw when creating shirring…”

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