flat sketch dress with embroidery to print

Flat sketch with embroidery & book tip with download

Today’s download is a print swatch in ai. format that you can use inside of your flat sketches as in the example picture. Years ago I received an embroidery machine with a digitizing software. I wish I had more time  to work with it. Every time that I see the needle work it’s magic and stitch the embroidery floss along the the fabric in a very precise manner I feel mesmerized. It’s almost better that Yoga, very relaxing, well unless the thread gets stuck or the fabric tears.  I will try and make it a priority to come up with more embroideries. Below I wanted to share the process of using an graphic inside of a book called “Geometric Patterns” by Pepin press, as inspiration and then taking the image into Illustrator to tweak it and simplify it.  After that I had to take my illustrator artwork into an very old embroidery digitizing software and then finally I was able to safe it onto a little card that goes into the embroidery machine. Does anyone have any recommendation for a current inexpensive embroidery software? I then embroidered some silk fabric scanned it, cleaned it up in Photoshop and then took it into Illustrator to create a print from it. Which you can download and use by clicking here. Enjoy and please share your work with me on my facebook wall.
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