Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – QR-code fancier than your competitor

QR-codes are everywhere and they have quickly become mainstream. QR which stands for quick response is one of the simplest ways to peak interest in products, promotions and perhaps your portfolio? Anyone can create such code for free and the basics are very simple. Let’s be creative and make it more colorful and fun. I put my QR code in a heart shape and changed it’s color in Illustrator. It took a bit of testing to eliminate some errors but now you can scan it with your smartphone and you will find yourself on my Facebook page. Enter QR code in Fashion into Google images and become inspired by what companies around the world are doing with this free yet fun and possibly exciting mobile technology.
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When: Friday, April 8, 2011 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
  Any smartphone can install a free app like barcode scanner for android or qr reader for i-phone. I have seen simple tee-shirts with a screen printed QR-code to knitted QR-codes on scarves. Check out the dress by designer Sam Trout that features a cyber treasure hunt by clicking here. Advertisers in Magazines for different target audiences like Vogue or Seventeen are using the codes to drive traffic to their promotions and contests. Other magazines let you discover more details of their stories such as behind the scenes video footage or more photos of products. Fashionablymarketing.me reported in 2010 about Calvin Klein using a giant QR code on a billboard on Sunset Blvd. that let customers view a short add on their phones.
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