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Free Friday Mini Fashion Webinar – Illustrator for Fashion Graphics


Have you seen the beautiful colorful

city of Melbourne’s logo options that are floating around Australia? Click here to visit their gallery.

Young, fresh, colorful and a logo that the city’s citizen can be mighty proud of. Being the geek that I am I had to ask myself how can I quickly draw and come up with these many options for any letter that I will ever draw for logos and graphics? I’ll talk a bit about the process here, but why don’t you join me on 11/11/2011 at 12:30pm PST time live online? 

Find the above and more pictures of Melbourne’s logo transformation on Behance.net by clicking here.
Here is a little preview in pics on what I will cover during the free webinar.

So I started to play around and have used a bunch of little known features that made this discovery process for me easy and fun. The pink grid that you see in the image gallery below was quickly created using the blend tool, that is after I divided a hexagon evenly with some lines, live colored it and.. well you know what? Why don’t you come and join me for a free live session where you can see each step live for yourself? Then we can talk some more about the process and come up with some more ideas.

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