Hand Lettering C ³ For Social Media And Beyond. Creativity, Composition, Computerization

Hand lettering workshop los angeles, FIDM 2016
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Take part in this 3 part 3 hour hands on experience.

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Cost: Alumni $38 and $48 Guests.
Room: TBD
Location: FIDM 919 So. Grand Ave. 90015
Parking is located at FIDM or surrounding parking lots.

Have you been considering learning about hand lettering and have been overwhelmed by where to start and which way to go? Take time to play, experiment and use your hands again. Then take what you learn and use it in social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
Learn how to mock up products and sell your hand lettering online. We'll discuss different market places for different options (Etsy among others). This workshop includes 2 bonuses.
hand lettering workshop in downtown los angeles
Topics include:
  • Creativity: Use and test different types of markers and tools to "paint" your hand letters.
  • Composition: Bring in your favorite "saying" ( quotes, poem, lyric, prayer, slogan,...) and let's plan the layout.
  • Computerization: Take your finished hand lettered "saying" and digitize it. You are going to create a poster mock up against a wall. Your design will be ready to be sold online without you having to print/ frame it.

 Learn how to "package" your digital files for customers of digital prints and learn about different market places that need no to little up front investment. Having Photoshop & Illustrator on your computer is recommended but not necessary.

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