Because it all comes down to executing your vision beautifully,
get creative + Digital Design skills to create the career path of your choice 

what if i told you that it can be easier and more fun when we Tackle this together?!

  • + Never run out of ideas again
  • + Learn to be fluent in Adobe Illustrator
  • + Learn to be fluent in Adobe Photoshop
  • + Stress-free, inspired, and with my support!

Bundle enrollment closes on July 22nd, 2019  extended for L.A. - Creatives until end of August 4th, 2019


What would change for you if you no longer experience blocks in your creative and digital workflow ?

...If instead of being filled with dread by the idea of using Illustrator and Photoshop, you were excited and full of confidence!

...If instead of feeling like a fraud because you have creative blocks, you are now feeling secure because you have a reliable source of unlimited design inspiration?

... If instead of worrying about loosing too much time. money, and potentially your job, due to repetitive tasks, you complete workflows with improved workflows and the newest (or improved) tools available.

...If the sketches that you poured your heart, soul, and energy into were finally matching up to the vision of your signature style.

...If your courage was such that you started to look and attract new design opportunities.

...If instead of thinking of digital design tools as your enemy, you begin to play with them, test out new gadgets, and recharge your creative well while working?

I bet it would be life-changing for you & it’s so much closer than you even know.

That's why I created this bundle!

The complete-happy-creative-bundle 
one on one + Self paced online course training

The Complete-Happy-Creative-Bundle is a unique coaching program that takes you step-by-step through your individual digital and creative design skill needs.  

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user of Illustrator and Photoshop, Ludmila will coach you through private online training, guiding you to video course content, templates, and resources that will solve specific knowledge gaps and help you move forward with lightning-speed.

Enroll now and get the two-for-one pricing! 

Bringing one-on-one and the FSCHBD-Studio access into one happy-special!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

For the first time ever available as a two-for-one bundle, both the private coaching and video training together allow you to decide what learning style fits you. 

Do one, do the other, or both.

Accomplish your goals by choosing how you learn best.

All access to FSCHBD-Studio 

Receive immediate access to Illustrator & Photoshop video training specific to the apparel industry. Complete with exercise files and resources. At your fingertips twenty-four hours a day.

Lifetime* access with this bundle only.

Learn on all devices, anywhere at any time. 

Inspiration and creative design processes explained.

High quality downloads of exercise files. 

Course options for varying stages of creative career.

timely real world solutions

Easily grasp software changes and tools relevant to your specific design process. Eliminate clumsy, outdated workflows and decide whether you want to take advantage of the CC (Cloud) updates available for Illustrator and Photoshop.

Cover Creative Career opportunities and Endeavors

Whether it is newly discovered career choices, freelance assignments, or personal passion projects gain the confidence to apply and use your digital design skills successfully.

Private coaching sessions

Receive five fully customizable two-hour sessions of one-on-one online training.

That’s Ten full hours to pick Ludmila's brain!

Boot-camp or snail pace, it’s entirely up to you.

Remain in your Pajamas if you'd like, from anywhere in the world. 

Complete the private coaching sessions before  12/13/19.

These are the different coaching categories available:


The results speak for themselves:

What do the results look like in action? Read below to hear what others have to say and find the inspiration that helps you decide on the course of action you want to take today.

Elizabeth O'Malley

Technical Designer

Training for all

Thank you for our Illustrator lesson, laughs, fun, and talking last night!

My flat sketches are now on fire.

I walked right into my supervisor's office this morning to talk to her about training! She's going to push for a budget for the design team to get training; they are more likely to get approved, which will help the tech-team and our patternmakers to get approved later on.

Chooses to remain Anonymous

Costume Designer

Develop technical skills and support creative process

I met Ludmila at a FIDM workshop and was immediately taken by her ability to so clearly articulate and demonstrate to the group the many different ways one can use Photoshop. Because of this, I was excited to take a private lesson! I appreciated how much thought and consideration she had put into planning for our private lesson.

Ludy walked me through everything I wanted to learn more about drawing costume design illustrations digitally and did everything she could to empower me to use Photoshop and other tools I would have never heard about if she hadn't told me about them. I appreciated how all of the big-picture learning objectives were broken down into smaller tasks and lessons so that I had the opportunity to soak everything in.

I recommend Fashion Chalkboard to anyone looking to develop their technical skills to support their creative process.

Marina Rahlin

Associate Designer

Techniques, tools, useful shortcuts and more!

Ludmila is such a great instructor; she is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with others! I learned so much from her. Illustrator and Photoshop techniques, tools, useful shortcuts, and more! I use what I learned from her every day as a fashion designer.

Trusted By



Topics Ludmila's Coaching can Cover

Your design path is not the same as anyone else's, so why should your training fit into a standard size box?

Digital design training for fashion sketching

Ludmila will take your illustration skills from any level and help you achieve excellence.
After a thorough onboarding process, Ludmila will give you advice and step-by-step training on anything you are struggling with related to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. From basic flat sketches to stylized flat drawings, portfolio details, fashion croquis, and more, you will be able to receive the right guidance.

  • As a beginner in ten hours, you will be able to become a confident intermediate level user of one chosen software.

    As an experienced user of either software, you will be able to share examples of artwork that inspires you, and Ludmila will guide your workflow, explain advanced techniques, and provide resources that will help you develop your distinctive style.

    Training with Ludmila will leave you with the confidence, resources, and inspiration to work passionately on your design ideas.
Digital Design Training For Surface, Textile, layout, and embellishment design

Do you want to learn how to create repeats and other surface design ideas of yours digitally? Whether you aim to create fabric prints, design embroidery layouts, or understand what is necessary for your art to become a screen prints, Ludmila will help you make these digital workflows enjoyable, and precise so that you can communicate different ideas to clients and manufacturers.

  • You will discover which software applies best for your desired outcome and receive invaluable tips and tricks that will become part of your ongoing workflow.

    Already know how to convert your hand drawings into repeats? Learn how to use the newest plugin for Photoshop for textile designers and other time-saving techniques that will make repeats a breeze.

    Are you still fighting with white lines in your repeats in Illustrator and blurry edges on your artwork in your repeats in Photoshop? Ludmila will help you solve these issues once and for all.
Portfolio review and hands on Preparation

With Ludmila's help, you can pinpoint the next opportunities you want to target and have your portfolio showcase a substantial body of work emphasizing your talents in that field, unlike any other.


  • Artwork that is ready to be shown will be displayed in a consistent and logical order. A professional portfolio maximizes the impact that your work will have during the presentation.

    Discover and decide what display options for your portfolio are most aligned with your goals. From printed to digitally displayed on tablets to online portfolios. Ludmila will help you with your choices.

    Have you ever considered designing a custom leave-behind-project? It doesn't have to take long, become a conflict of interest, or become a regret. Done right, this will make you stand apart from the crowd. Ludmila will suggest when and how to do it, and when to refrain from doing so.
Other topics that Ludmila has successfully coached 

Over the years Ludmila has helped thousands of designer's get to the next step on their chosen journey. The list of topics would be too long to display. So instead here are some of the more popular ones. And if you can't find what you need shoot her an email to see if it can be covered.

  • Presentation design for workshops to establish yourself as the expert in your field. From PowerPoint presentations to PDF lead magnets to creating your first video presentation. 

  • Freelancing ABCs -Charge what your’re worth! Gain confidence and serenity by using Ludmila's templates for onboarding clients, contracts, and her non-negotiable pay-structure, which helps to eliminate shady clients and get you paid for your work every-time.

  • Color workflow and inspiration- Ludmila's extensive knowledge on the topic of color is sure to help you gain confidence in your color language. Color workflow and inspiration from ideation to final product, learn to manage your colors beautifully. And get inspired by the tools and resources that Ludmila has used over the years. 


Sounds Amazing! And there is more?!

Registering for the Complete-Happy-Creative-Bundle will not only give you one-on-one coaching sessions + lifetime access to FSCHBD's Studio current course library with video tutorials, templates, and resources.

 You’ll also get these bonuses, for free. 

Bonus 1
Over 30 pages of handouts

Three brand new, step by step,

 jump-start guides to:

  • Adobe Illustrator, 
  • Adobe Photoshop, 
  • and Adobe InDesign

Filled with instructions, shortcuts, resource links, and more to finish at least three creative projects right away. 

Regardless of the creative industry that you are in.

Bonus 2
Unlimited design combinations

Call it a recipe box from heaven

Don't like to read, Watch me demo this Bonus in the ⬆welcome video on top. ⬆

Twenty-six boards including denim, lingerie, dresses, scarves, bags, and

even croquis beauty details.

And for each board a list of design options covering:

-Item / Silhouette 

- Design detail

- Length (where applicable) 

- Sleeves (where applicable)

- Neckline (where applicable)

- Embellishment/ Trim

- Fabrics

- Prints/ Graphics

Let me give you an example!

A top (category board) could be designed with the following design options:

An asymmetric box blouse (item), with epaulettes (design detail), featuring a keyhole (neckline), slit (sleeve), polka dot (print), eyelet (fabric), and delicate rosettes (trim).

Equally a design tool, learning tool, and a pressure relief aid.

Bonus 3
Updates to current library in FSCHBD-Studio +  New Content Surprises 

Due to the ever-changing nature of Adobe software a select few courses in the

FSCHBD-Studio are due for important updates to the content and resources.

All the updates to the current courses made before the end of 2020 will be included with your life-time access.


This bundle will also include life-time access to 

 a couple of brand new content surprises. 

About Your Coach,
(Ludmila Lembke)

Ludmila is a designer, educator, and creative entrepreneur, whose greatest joy is helping other creatives grow their digital design skill set, develop design confidence, and create the career of their dreams. As a college, corporate, and online instructor, she has taught thousands of students how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and grow in their creative careers.

As a designer she has pivoted her career many times, always following her bliss, from being a clueless assistant lingerie designer to working as a creative director of a lingerie company, to working as a freelancer, cad artist, colorist, textile designer, and more.

She has had the fantastic opportunity to see her designs all over the apparel world; her lingerie designs sold at stores such as, Lane Bryant, Leg Avenue, Urban Outfitters, to Fredericks of Hollywood, and to a small boutique owned by Patricia Fields (who styled the Sex in The City series).

Her surface designs were used on a variety of products ranging from prints on baby clothing, handbags, denim back pockets, to appliques on corsets.

And most recently at Adobe's textile design booth in Barcelona where her textile designs were showcased as a spotlighted designer.

Here’s what people are saying about Ludmila's work and coaching

LinkedIn testimonials going back to 2010, oh my!

Nina May

Freelance designing and licensing for the Toy, Home Decor, and Fashion industries

Efficiency and confidence

I have taken part in many of Ludmila's
on-line courses and live webinar series. The Illustrator and Photoshop classes in particular have been tremendously helpful for
my Textile Design business this year.

With the many new skills and short-cuts I have learned, I have been able to work more efficiently
and land many new clients. I highly recommend and Ludmila as a valuable tool for all designers looking to develop their skills and confidence.

Steffani Lincecum

Author/ Illustrator/ Designer

Remember CD-Roms? 

I had purchased Adobe Illustrator CS4 and some other on-line training, but when I found Ludmila's Tutorial, "Adobe Illustrator CS4 Bootcamp Video for Fashion Designers"

I bought it immediately because it was so specific to what I wanted to illustrate. Ludmila's teaching style and the way the information is presented improved my drawings drastically in a few short days. 

She shows you exactly how to arrange the work-space using only the tools that you'll need for your type of illustration, and specific information about line sheets and using layers to create documents meant for various vendors or clients. 

When I had a question, she was very approachable and helpful. 

Great teacher, great website, great product!

Heather Black

Design Director

Creative and concise

Ludmila was an incredible instructor; without her teaching style and expertise I would not have had the technical know-how needed in my current position as design director of an accessory company. I strongly recommend her class to anyone ready and willing to learn in a creative and concise manner.

To sum it up-
Here is everything included in your complete training bundle

The tremendous value that you'll receive in this bundle is not to be underestimated.
These numbers are not exaggerated - they are an honest, good-faith-estimate since

some of the bonuses have never been made available separately to the public.

  • The Core Video Course Library in the FSCHBD - Studio
    The (full-length courses on have been developed over the last ten years and have guided thousands of individuals and teams of designers to digital design success. These easy-to-follow courses are getting results due to their refinement to fit the apparel industry-specific needs. They include files, links to resources, and hours of streaming videos. 
  • ($1600 Value)

  • Bonus - Never run out of design combination ideas (Trello boards)
    If you ever experienced a designer's block, you know that it can severely impact your confidence and hinder your productivity. The hours during the years of gaining experience and gathering the information that it took to present this tool to you are countless. This tool has never been seen before.
  • (Priceless Value)

  • One-on-one training sessions with Ludmila
    When I started teaching privately in 2005, I charged $500 for ten-hours of training.
    I no longer offer this deal anywhere else. My hourly rate is $150, other current offers on my site start at $770 for ten private hours. Corporate rates are significantly higher. The investment of my attendance at Adobe Max for the past 10 year to stay knowledgeable and ahead of the changes made in Adobe products is $12,950 and growing.

  • ($1500 Value)

  • Bonus - Quickstart PDF guides for three Adobe programs
    You would have had to be in L.A. to take part in these workshops. The workshops are sponsored by the FIDM-Alumni department, which makes significant savings for participants possible. 

  • ($450 Value)

    Bonus - Updates to current courses in the FSCHBD - Studio + surprises through the end of 2020
    Not all but a select few courses in the FSCHBD - Studio are due for important updates, resources, and additional information. That is due to the ever-changing nature of Adobe software. With this bundle, you will have lifetime access to these updates. Studio Members pay a yearly or monthly subscription fees. 
  • ($420 Value)

Total Complete-Happy-Creative-Bundle Value $3970 

Total Complete-Happy-Creative-Bundle enrollment Only $499


All Access to FSCHBD-Studio, Session Scheduling, and All Bonuses - Immediately available



  • Lifetime Access To Current FSCHBD-Studio Courses
  • Immediate start -Scheduling of all private sessions 
  • Immediate Access to all 3 bonuses
  • Special Surprises 


All Access To FSCHBD-Studio - immediately.
Session Scheduling, And All Bonuses - Released In four Monthly releases


4 x 150

  • Lifetime Access To Current FSCHBD-Studio Courses
  • Schedule one private session per month for first three months, thereafter scheduling of all remaining private sessions
  • Access to 1 bonus release per month for three months.

Bundle enrollment closes on July 22nd, 2019  extended for L.A. - Creatives until end of August 4th, 2019


You’re Protected With My
100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This training bundle has the power to profoundly change your life forever. That’s  based on the results of my students who stayed in action and created massive change.

The tuition for lifetime access to all current courses available on FSCHBD-Studio + ten hours of private coaching is $499 if you pay in full and a simple, extended payment plan is available during registration.

Yes, I also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Simple Refund Policy: If within 7 days of starting the program you decide it is not right for you, just reach out and I'll happily refund your money.

I am confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this training experience. And I am very happy to back that up with my risk-free guarantee.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about working with Ludmila on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the video training inside of FSCHBD-Studio work? 

How do the live one-on-one training sessions work?

What version of Photoshop/ Illustrator will I need?

Does the training work on my computer (PC/ Mac compatible)? 

Do I need Illustrator and/or Photoshop on my computer? 

  • Do I need internet on my computer to train with you and view the video courses?

Who is this Bundle for?

  • Fashion -, textile-, costume designers, creatives who are stuck in a rut, and  anyone with a passion for design who is looking to create artwork to generate more income and build an fulfilling career.
  • Beginners AND advanced users of Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Complete novices without any experience of  Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • This bundle is NOT for people who think buying a bundle will instantly help them advance their career and skills. You have to put in the work to see results!


All Access to FSCHBD-Studio, Session Scheduling, and All Bonuses - Immediately available



  • Lifetime Access To Current FSCHBD-Studio Courses
  • Immediate start -Scheduling of all private sessions 
  • Immediate Access to all 3 bonuses
  • Special Surprises 


All Access To FSCHBD-Studio - immediately.
Session Scheduling, And All Bonuses - Released In four Monthly releases


4 x 150

  • Lifetime Access To Current FSCHBD-Studio Courses
  • Schedule one private session per month for first three months, thereafter scheduling of all remaining private sessions
  • Access to 1 bonus release per month for three months.

Before you go

I am beyond grateful that you are reading this right now and have reached the bottom of "my happiness" bundle page.

I put everything (probably too much) that I have to give in this offer hoping to reach the person that needs it the most right now. There are so many mentors that have shaped and changed my creative live that I am humbled to know that my services could possible do the same for you. 

If any of my offerings are pulling at your heart string, then let me leave you with this.

“There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them.” ~Unknown

And just so you know, if we get to work together, you will hear me quote a lot of these nuggets of encouragement. So if that is not your cup of tea. Then so long. I must away.