Happy New Year – We’ve been hacked, we are fixing and improving.

Happy new year for fashion design flat sketchers   Hello members and visitors, What a chaotic year 2015 has been for us. Thank you for trusting us with your Computer aided design needs. So, there is a lot going on behind the scenes of FashionChalkboard and 2016 promises to be a great new year of inspiration and learning. We are so relieved that we are never storing our customers credit card information and grateful to Paypal to have them process our Payments. Things are going to look different around here. But we wanted to assure you that this site is getting better. Here is what happened and what we are improving:
  • If you have come across our site a couple of times during the last 3 months, we have been hacked 2 times. Had to make decisions about higher security and we are moving forward to an even better solution than the in between one that we are using.
  • Here is an error code that I wanted to share with the web, just in case someone else has this problem. 303 failed to load a resource unable to load resources error #2035 << this was a 10 second overlay on our video player and while it profoundly confused our customers, the videos were still playing. The fix: it was a logo file that the commercial video player couldn’t find. The restoring of our site did not automatically restore all manually uploaded files, only wordpress data. So had to manually re upload many files, including this one to get rid of this monster of a message.
  • Downloads of exercise files were missing/ not found. Same here, these were manual uploads. Changing locations to a secure server on Amazons AWS service in future.
Sure that there are plenty more things that we were fixing, but just a glimpse and sharing this main work we had to do, before even implementing the new beauty and content changes has set us back, but left with a stronger determination for a great secure start into 2016. Happy New Year and talk to you all soon.
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