How close do you want to get to MCQueen’s Fashion collections?


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Alexander McQueen’s spring 2011 Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Savage Beauty,has come to and end on August 7. 2011.

It was a long successful run on view May 4 through August 7 with an extended closing date. If you were so fortunate to be in the NY area in during this time span you might have been one of the lucky 661,509 visitors that attended the show.

Now that it is over, a lot of us are left wishing we could admire the clothes, designed by a genius, up close and personal too. We don’t really have many options other than perhaps ordering the book or calender through the Met store…

Mcqueen Savage Beauty book

But wait, what if all of us got together and petitioned to make this exhibit a traveling exhibition? Should not be so hard to get support for that, right? You would support it, of course?


Well lucky us, someone named Selena Norris has started a petition online that we all can sign and pass along our Fashion Friends that missed the show and really want to see it. Simply click on the link here that will take you to the petition on a website that is called Once you sign the petition, feel free to re-post, blog, facebook and twitter about it.


Once on, browse some other interesting topics that concern us fashion people… like how about stop Forever 21 from knocking off small fashion design companies?

In any case, please help making this exhibit a traveling one. I am in Cali and wherever I have to go, whether it is San Francisco, L.A. or San Diego to see my favorite black duck feathers Dress called the The Horn of Plenty. I know that is probably an off choice, given that he has created so many marvels, but what can I say I love this one.

Which one of McQueen’s designs would you like to inspect and in which city would you do that?


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