2 Videos and download – Week 13 – Advanced – How to create a clipping mask from multiple objects on a skirt flat sketch in Illustrator -52 weeks Adobe Illustrator for fashion design series

Having problems with clipping masks? Or fantasizing of more options when clipping one part at a time? There are 2 videos today diving into advanced clipping masks. The download today is a skirt flat sketch with clipping mask of brush strokes. You can watch the video on our blog below or on our youtube channel. The files that I am using in the video are available for download and for taking apart in the Free Member area (click here).

flat sketch v neck top with ribbed binding

This Video is marked Advanced. Share with me how you are going to use this tip.

Part 1 of 2 is sort of intermediate or easy.
This video today was inspired by a question of a Youtube watcher. Thanks for starting the conversation and watching.

Part 2 is getting in the advanced area. Understanding closed versus open paths will become clear. Where is the fill on my sketch? Learn and use this tip.
Feeling inspired after watching the videos, use the tip and share some visuals with me on Instagram at #flatsketch52.

As always ask away here on the blog or on youtube’s comment section.

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