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Are you tired of constantly wasting time and feeling uninspired because you are jumping from project to project without getting a rhythm and the design results that you want?

If you are thinking that there must be a better way and that you used to enjoy working in your industry, I want to assure you that this is entirely normal. Here are some of the other thoughts that clients, students, and entire design teams have shared with me:

  • I feel like a fraud because I don't know the shortcuts, latest updates in the design software I am using, and I haven't changed the way I worked in more than 5 years

  • I am self-taught and have huge gaps in my know how

  • I think they are going to fire me because I am too slow

  • I think they fired me because they think I am too slow

  • I am highly creative and love coming up with silhouettes and put the fabrics and trims together, but I don't know how to communicate the technical part (or reverse the technical and creative)

  • I have been stuck in junior (or insert any other fashion market) and really want to cross out and over into temporary design, but I don't know how and that I speak that market's design language and don't have the confidence

  • I have thought about starting to go freelance but I think it is too difficult

  • I've been interested in textile design for a while, but I do not know where to start

  • Everyone's sketches are so different, and there is a lot of problems when we are sharing files

Yes, there is a better way and you can change your work flow. I hear these fears and worries repeatedly, year after year from different people and every time we have found a solution to course correct, improve skills and bring back the joy and confidence in the design process, career, and journey that was chosen.

Here is what has inspired the one of a kind course content found here at FSCHBD's Studio:

My advantage is the immense amount of energy and curiosity spent working 10 + years full-time + freelance + as in instructor in many different segments of the apparel industry. Clients turning into students and friends that confided there fears and ambitions to me. And me not being afraid to ask colleagues on the job questions about their workflows and frustrations.

This has shaped the tons of resources now available in the studio. Never mind my years of attending Adobe Max (read more on my blog) the Creativity Conference and nerd-ing out there too.

Free 7 - Day Trial 

Customers' success

Carey Bennett - Costume Designer (Scrubs, The Office, & Superior Donuts)

Her instruction gets right to the point of what I need to know to complete my specific type of work. Starting as a complete beginner, I quickly and quickly learned how to turn my hand sketches into professional looking designs I could present to clients. She demystified Photoshop for me.

Jessica Mas - Sr. Technical Designer (Juicy Couture)          

To anyone contemplating a career in fashion, or merely desiring to improve your marketability in this amazingly competitive field. I recommend seeking out Ludy's courses. As a teacher, she will bring out the best in you and help you develop the skills to bring your creative ideas out onto paper. She is the consummate professional with the talent to inspire you.

Melissa Morin - Associate Designer (Lucky Brand Jeans)   

Ludy is the best Computer Aided Design teacher out there. She makes information accessible and easy to remember. This Video Training is the perfect mix of fun and learning, meanwhile preparing you for “real world” scenarios. You can tell that you are learning from an instructor with tons of fashion industry experience.


Here is what's inside the Studio:

Learn on all devices, anywhere at any time. 

Inspiration and creative design processes explained.

Downloads of exercise files, slide shows, templates and links to resources. Can be used professionally right away.


Course options for the different stages of creative career.

These are the different categories inside the Studio:

Design - Business - Fashion - Textiles - Photoshop - Illustrator

Learn fashion and textile design online

Free 7 - Day Trial 

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for me?
Here's how you can apply this to your life in just three easy steps:


Decide what you want to learn

You can work through entire courses or you can use the handy quick guides to help you find a specific technique that you want to learn.

You can take the courses on any device and anywhere with WiFi. 


Use the templates and make them your own

The courses come with the same files that were used during the recordings. But you can easily use what you learn to create your own design.


Take your design flow to a serene place

Finally save time and spent more time doing what you love to do.

Free 7 - Day Trial 



The online training provides you with the complete picture of what you need:


Guided by step by step instructions follow through the entire process from concept doodles to cleaning and recoloring images to creating the trim layout.

Example: By using files that come with each course, you quickly create trim mockups in Photoshop.

Files and practice drills. Hooray!

Learn to use files in varying formats like:  ai, psd, jpg, pdf, and more

While learning Adobe Illustrator, you can use templates and files that range from basics to intricate work.

Sometimes you don't even have to make the most common beginner mistakes because you're provided with practice drills to avoid that.

And if you stumble somewhere else, I am only an email away to help resolve any questions you might have.


Free 7 - Day Trial 

But wait there's more! (Don't you just love those late night commercials? NOT!)
Once you move past learning the essentials you can use them in your branding (business or personal) and your social media strategies:

Visuals of slide decks and presentations.

Learn to use software, branding, video, and social media skills, to showcase your talents visually.

With the all-access to the Studio, you will also receive the slide shows and presentations that I use during live-in-person events like:

+ "How To Use Video In Social Media" 


Frequently asked questions

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  Will this be any fun?

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   What is the difference between lifetime, monthly, and yearly Studio access?

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