Live Fashion Drawing

Are you in New York, NY anytime soon? If so try and check out the live fashion Illustration events that are happening thanks to Brandon creator of Brandon has created a friendly space for like minded fashion sketch artist to come together and practice their skills. If you are like most of us designers in the apparel industry you find yourself working on the computer hour after hour and probably think many times that  this (the job) isn’t anything like fashion school or what you see on project runway… NO time to sketch by hand and deadlines everywhere. I myself wish that I could attend one of these live sessions and re-train my hands to sketch more beautiful than they currently do… or just simply achieve a zen-like state where there aren’t any production problems.. ahhh that would be nice! I already joined their meetup group online hoping that one of their future meetings falls on one of my NY visits. You can also join their facebook group to stay informed about both their website and live events. Here is one example of one of my hand sketches that I drew a couple of months ago, before a live class that I taught on how to trace the sketch in Illustrator and add a little sparkle… problem was that there was no live model!

Fashion croquis doneFashion-croquis-in-Illustrator

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