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Updated this post on 8/8/2018 - New course information and Free Summary PDF Download/ Majo's class has been removed by her for now. But it's still a great read.

When I first wrote this blog post, I didn't have a public surface design course on my site nor did I have the resource vault filled with some of the resources mentioned on my blog. Enjoy!

  • Scroll down for visuals of the Adobe Max pattern people class that I was looking forward to taking a couple of weeks ago (or rather years ago by now). Thank you to everyone who suggested which designs to submit, Unfortunately the class was structured a lot different from what I thought and I did not get to use them. More about that below. 

If you have never heard of Adobe Max check out this handy summary of resources I collected there and why it is called the creativity conference along with some new technology - nerdy findings that I mention. It's in the vault. Sign up and grab the key by clicking on the image. I am overdue for writing a blog post on this. SO stay tuned, the summary is a guide that could help you convince your boss to pay to go and learn there, but the blog post would share more about all the fun I have at Adobe Max.

Creativity conference

But first, let me introduce you to a class that I am really looking forward to from a fellow surface design virtual friend of mine. Her name is Majo Bautista a Colombian fashion, textile & surface pattern designer. She has been such an excellent source of resources, advice, and inspiration in one of our online groups. So inspiring at times that I have been very curious about her design process, I believe that she will give so much information in this online course that I might sign up myself (Since Majo's course is not currently available I'll just show you some of her inspiring visuals and add one of my free YouTube tutorials below my recommended classes)

I always feel that even though I have been teaching Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop for years, it's important to occasionally peek into another's designer's workflow. There are so many tiny nuggets of valuable information that can be discovered when watching someone else being creative.

Surface design pattern online class

I loved Majo's course image. It shows her style really well and one can see clearly the type of patterns that she taught during the course.

Sketchbook exercise

In this photo Majo's shared how she uses her hand sketches to start her design process. 
As promised, here is a free video that you might want to watch. It's using the free templates that anyone can use from

On to Adobe Max's session that I attended YEARS ago. Here are some pictures with description of the class in 2013. Some might recall that I submitted some of my doodles to them to see them being put into repeats. I imagined that we would see a lot of examples of our designs being put into repeats, but this class was a lot more, like a pattern history and background information on pattern people than a tutorial based class.
These three pics are the three very clean designs that were made into a repeat.

surface design components, textile class 1

These are the 3 designs/ doodle from 3 different class participants that were being used.

textile class 2

This is the final "mash up" of the designs.

textile class

And look at it in color!

If you would like to stretch creatively in regards to creating textile - pattern - surface design art, also take a look at the online course that I created right here. The intro is a sample of one of the modules inside. 

online pattern class

Did you enjoy the video and images? Then let me know what you think in the comments below?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my class Ludmila! Hope to see many of the Fashion Chalkboard-ers (hehehe) in class!

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