photoshop and illustrator for fashion

every now and then i receive an email with cads* from someone who used my video training. i always appreciate it especially when i have never had the chance to meet the individual in person. these sketches came with this nice little note:
  • “Hi Ludmila, Attached are some CADs* I sketched utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. I sketch my initial bodies in Illustrator and then I fill the print in Photoshop. The print was taken from a scarf I bought which had a nice border. I have been sketching pretty much daily lately and with your help and the help of good friends I have come a long way. I just wanted to say thanks! Later today I will email you another few CADs* which are coming out nicely and they have more depth than these. Talk to you soon, Kent Daniel “
well, i asked kent for permission to post his sketches and he said yes. so thank you kent for letting me share them here:


Illustrator-Fashion-Flat-Marrekesh-knits-1Photoshop-Fashion-Flat-Marrekesh-Linen-TunicPhotoshop-Fashion-Flat-Marrekesh-Tex-jkt-Kimonolook closely at the jeweled trim that can be cleaned up in photoshop to use along the flat sketch to give it more depth. using photoshop to clean up the scan of the textile (taken from a scarf) then putting it inside a clean illustrator flat sketch.

feel free to leave kent a comment about his work.

feel like sharing your sketches with me?

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until next time ludmila

*computer aided designs not to be confused with the program cad

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