Basic Photoshop ® Video Course – Non Fashion

    For best video quality we recommend viewing them in Mozilla Firefox browser (click here for free download). All videos may be watched in full screen mode by clicking on the lower right corner next to the volume control.

    Session 1

    • Part 1 Exploring the help menu 2:51 
    • Extra Help 1:13 
    • Part 2 Set up of workspace 3:46 
    • Part 3 Exploring layers opening files 4:58 
    • Part 4 A Resolution rotate backup magicwand 10:03 
    • Part 4 B New layer with color 5:22 
    • Part 4 C Create  a custom gradient 5:11 

    Session 2

    • Part 1 Review: Setting up and saving the workspace, using the lasso tool, creating content aware fill, paste specials and free transform
    • Part 2 Exploring the clone tool
    • Part 3 Selections in quickmask mode with the brush tool, intro to gradients and color adjustments

    Session 3

    • Part 1 Setting up and opening pdf files
    • Part 2 Pen tool, paths and anchor points
    • Part 3 Use paths to create selections, fill and strokes
    • Part 4 Create and edit paths
    • Part 5 Create separate layers to fill and stroke paths

    Session 4

    • Part 1 Making selections into paths
    • Part 2 Using paths as stroke and introduction to clone tool and content aware fill (CS5)
    • Part 3 How to copy or save an image from the internet & Creating custom brushes from images
    • Part 4 Creating seamless pattern tiles from images and brushes
    • Part 5 Introduction to powerful image manipulating plugins for Photoshop
    This Video Training is an online course and is available to subscribers & Live intensive course participants. Files intermediate Illustrator for fashion, trims and textiles   Throughout the course your instructor uses files to create artwork. These files come ready in the format needed for the software that you are interested in learning. The advantages of having these files are that you can easily follow along the videos step by step tutorials. When unsure about the correct outcome of your work you are able to take a close look at our original files. Learn hands on by taking the files apart and compare them to your results. All files are organized in folders labeled for the according episodes. Exercise files are available to À la carte or All Access Subscribers only.
    • Included in all access / Included in all Fashion Courses
    • Online Video Course access / 1 year  & Exercise Files download $77.00 Coming soon
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